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Y’all thought I forgot the 27th! No, I didn't forget. I was actually deep in Self-Love & Care practices and modalities. On day two of having no power, I almost lost it. I am so serious!!!

On Wednesday, February 22nd, around 8:30 p.m. as I bathed and listened to music, having fun with bubble art. The lights began to flicker. I knew an ice storm was predicted, however; I didn’t think it would be too bad.

Maybe a little flickering of lights. Maybe even a brief power outage. No biggie. I was ahead with client projects, so I was going to enjoy a relaxing bath, have a Reiki practice, and do some verbal journaling on my tape app. This was going to get me ahead of schedule with my blog post.

I had it all planned out. LOL! What’s the saying, when we make plans…. God laughs.

Following the flickering discussed above, the lights went out. Again, no big deal, right?

I had no doubt the power would come back on, and I’d continue as planned for my blog work.

Welp, that wasn’t quite how it worked out. From Feb. 22nd to Feb. 27th, we were without power. And without internet service until the 28th.

Completely befuddled by day three, I was becoming vulnerable wellness-wise. Beginning each day as I shared in ‘Healing, Evolving & ReleaZing: Me, MySelf & I’, with Abide, Intentions, a Reiki Practice & Scripture. I was waking up cold in a home at 45 degrees.

My husband, who has a military background, was perfectly fine at home. However, he was able to gauge the need for me to be someplace warm w. Electricity. Even though he was good. My husband knew I was teetering on feeling like I was being tortured.

Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but it was cold. We had an ETA of restoration, even though each time we checked... it was extended. Not knowing, mixed with having to manage my Mind, Body, Spirit, & be sure not to take it out on my man. I was low-key struggling.

By day three, I was like Bae, we need a break from this cold. He agreed and complied with going to hang out with members of our Village. They had heat, just no internet. We hung out there for a bit, Drego (our Granddog) in tow. Then back home to sleep for the night.

We rotated between our Village’s home and our house for the weekend. And then my Aunt and Uncles from Sunday to Monday. Grateful, our power was restored late Sunday night around 11:30 p.m.; which allowed us to return home. BUT!!! Though Mario and I were excited to be able to be in the comforts of our own heated, lit home, we didn’t think about whether or not the internet worked.

Dang, it!

As I weathered last week’s Ice Storm, even though I became vulnerable from a Mind, Body, Spirit stance. I was reminded of how blessed Mario and I are. Yes, we were without power for 4+ days. However, our home was protected from damage. We were both safe as we slept with Ice literally hanging from branches, wires, and blowing… reminiscent of ice cubes being thrown at our windows & the roof. Crackling of trees… It was literally horrible.

Having a Village/Community of people that extended their homes, Halo, fireplaces, rooms, & a lower level. To us and our Granddog. For those who texted to check in and see if we needed anything. Man, I am… We are blessed!! Having this experience was, and is a reflection and examples of how God utilizes alignment for His work in Life. #Grateful

So, even though I am a couple of days late with my post, know it was not in vain. I was literally and figuratively weathering Storms.

Weathering w. Bold, Radical & Intentional Self-Care practices & modalities, I...:

  • Acknowledged & Managed my feelings & emotions

  • Utilized my Throat Chakra...

    • Effective communication w. Mario

    • Asking when I needed assistance & help from my Village/Community

  • Had a mutual understanding & acknowledged the difference in expectations of Mario & I...

    • Respecting and Honoring said differences

    • Knowing when to compromise

  • Kept in mind, life happens, & I am responsible for responding w. Trust & Faith

  • Put extra effort and additional time for Self-Care such as: Prayer, Meditation, Reiki Practices & Journaling

    • This allowed for reflection, clarity & peace of mind

  • Stopped to center myself, when I felt irritated

    • Addressing and Unpacking Emotions & Feelings

Though, I wasn’t able to meet my posting deadline on the 27th… As our internet wasn’t restored until the 28th. After I grappled briefly with a feeling of being a failure.

I Paused!!!

I had to acknowledge the Ice Storm devastated Westwood. A storm literally freezing and requiring much to Be Still. So instead of allowing the negative thought to take root. I redirected my thoughts and energy towards Gratitude. Making time to create space to express gratitude. Even in the midst of a Storm.

As I reflected, I acknowledged:

  • Our safety in the midst of the Ice Storm

  • How God held our foundation strong w. minimal damage

  • How Mario & I were there for one another, physically & emotionally

  • How we honored, acknowledged & respected how weathering was affecting each of us

‘At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” ~Albert Schweitzer

The pre-evolved us would have been at each other’s throats. Short & Curt. Irritated… Y’all get my point. It would have been way more than a Tiff. Lol!!!

Grateful for being Evolved & Evolving… Here’s to being Bold, Radical & Intentional about being ‘The first to put You 1st… In All Ways & Always.’

How do you weather metaphorical storms?

If you would like someone to align w. to co-create a Plan centered on Wellness/Self-Care Practices & Modalities. Send me a message here.

Until the 27th!

Sending Immense Light & Love,

Coach Z’

We kicked the year off w. ‘Beyond The Vision Board’ at @the_space in January. Thank you Coach Z’ & Coach EB for the facilitation of this Bold, Radical & Intentional Experience.

Thank you @the_space for the serene & comfy venue. @ Luxury Sips, the mimosa bar was delightful. @Angel Eyes, thank you for your contribution of Ghanaian Waist Beads, the Presentation, & Fittings.

In February, we hosted an ‘I Love Me’ Journaling Experience. Thank you Coach Z’ for creating, curating & facilitating.

We have some exciting Experiences coming this year. Stayed connected with us on IG & here, for updates & info.

In Light & Love…

~Team TRC

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing technique in which a Reiki Practitioner (who has undergone formal training in this healing art) uses gentle hand movements with the intention to guide the flow of healthy energy (what's known in Reiki as life force energy) through the client's body.

The intent is to reduce stress & promote healing.

All Healing is Self-Healing.’ ~Demarra West, Reiki Master

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