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The Audacity, Writing To ReleaZe & Manifest...& More!

As I sit down to pen this post, I find myself reflecting on the evolution of my journey as a blogger, an entrepreneur, and most importantly, as a woman who decided to 'Be The First To Put You 1st… In All Ways & Always.' This tagline has become more than just words—it's my life's mantra and the guiding force behind my third business, Thomas Rose Consulting.

Let's rewind to the inception of my venture, formerly known as All ThingZ Dinky Rose (or E.E. as I fondly called it). When people asked me about my work, my response was simple yet profound— "Everything." It was a journey of self-exploration and embracing the multifaceted aspects of my life.

I made a commitment to show up for myself every month on the 27th, my birth date, and I began sharing my thoughts, experiences, and learnings. This journey found its expression in two published books: 'How I Survived Quarantine 2020...' and 'Healing, Evolving & ReleaZing: Me, MySelf & I.' These works, born out of passion and sprinkled with pain, became tools for personal growth.

Through trials and triumphs, I transformed into a version of myself that I never thought possible. This personal and intimate metamorphosis paved the way for the birth of Thomas Rose Consulting—an organization aligned with clients in life, wellness, and business. We provide tools, practices, resources, and safe spaces for self-discovery.

At the heart of TRC are signature offerings like Reiki Radiance Energy Healing, Intentional Journaling, and Writing To ReleaZe and Manifest The Life You Desire. Drawing inspiration from principles like The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and the 5-Reiki Principles, TRC aims to empower individuals to embark on their unique journeys of self-realization.

One key aspect of my personal journey is the commitment to being impeccable with words, thoughts, and actions—a practice rooted in avoiding engagement with negativity. This conscious choice to protect my energy, as highlighted by Toni Jones' Energy Budget, has become an integral part of my daily routine.

Having The Audacity to BE Authentically Zendalannette is not a walk in the park. It's a continuous effort, akin to pursuing a degree in 'Being Me,' with life's experiences as prerequisites. Unlearning domestication, forgiving oneself, and engaging in spirit-work are essential steps on this transformative path.

Pause. Reflect. Ask three questions: What triggers negative emotions? How can I respond positively? What Chakras are associated with my experiences? These questions serve as a compass, helping me navigate the ebbs and flows of fear and doubt.

In embracing this audacious journey, I've discovered the power in my name—Zendalannette. No longer shrinking to accommodate others, I boldly proclaim my identity. The Audacity To BE requires consistent effort, but the freedom it brings from domestication and limiting beliefs is unparalleled.

Centering on daily Reiki practices, I connect with divine guidance, experience healed chakras, and create space for discernment and growth. The Abundance Book teaches us about our natural energy yield, and by incorporating daily wellness practices, I continue to manifest abundance, peace, joy, and prosperity.

As I commit to 'Be The First To Put Me 1st…,' I invite you to reflect on your journey. Do you have The Audacity To Be Authentically You? Remember, you are the wealth of the universe individualized—limitless and free.

" are the wealth of the universe individualized-... the only limitations you have are the ones you have imposed upon yourself.” ~John Randolph Price

Connect with me on Instagram @ThomasRoseConsulting & @z_lannette for 'Make Space Mondays' & 'Wellness Wednesdays.' Let's embark on this journey together,

boldly and authentically.

Cheers to Having The Audacity To BE Authentic…

Until 3/27… In Light & Love,



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