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Zendalannette Thomas is a dynamic force in the realm of wellness, leadership, and personal development. With over two decades of executive leadership, coaching, and leadership development within a Fortune 500 company, she brings a wealth of experience to her pursuits.


In the face of corporate changes that led to the closure of her location, Zendalannette made a bold decision to put herself first and embark on a transformative journey.  As the Founder and Owner of Thomas Rose Consulting, she channels her expertise into coaching, healing, marketing, branding strategy, and wellness lifestyle blogging.


Since 2017, Zendalannette has fearlessly walked a path of personal healing and evolution. With bold intentionality, she immersed herself in various practices and modalities, which has aided in a transformational experience that continues to change her life.


Zendalannette's commitment extends beyond her personal journey; she is driven by a desire to educate BIPOC women about the transformative benefits of making their wellness:mind, body, spirit and soul- their #1 Focus. 


As a wife and mother, Zendalannette understands the importance of balance and agency in life. Her life's motto, "Be The First To Put You 1st...In All Ways & Always," encapsulates her philosophy of intentional living. Through her blog and coaching, she encourages others to prioritize self-care and embrace a wellness-centered lifestyle.


Zendalannette's story is one of resilience, empowerment, and a commitment to living life with purpose. Whether as a coach, healer, or branding strategist, she continues to inspire others to lead lives rich in abundance, joy, and intentionality.

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