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HOME & Life In Color

 Written by Zendalannette Thomas

Hello Beautiful Souls,

As we embrace January, I've been pondering the concept of HOME. It used to be a physical space, a building. Reflecting on my life's moves—from my mom's place on Meyers to Pennington Dr. with Dad, then Copeland dorms at Grand Valley State University—I thought HOME was tied to a location.

Fast forward to my parents' relocation to Florida over two decades ago, and my perspective shifted. The Family Home was no more, but I discovered that HOME wasn't confined to a specific place. Instead, it became wherever my parents are. This realization, marked by the hashtag #Rooted&Grounded, has brought me unexpected comfort.

Currently spending time at HOME in Naples with my folks, I find myself fueled by a rooted energy crucial for this phase of my journey. In this reciprocal relationship, as I receive nurturing, I, in turn, provide support to my parents navigating their respective life phases.

Enter the Root Chakra, characterized by the color Red and located at the base of the spine.

It serves as a foundation for life, grounding us, and enabling resilience in the face of challenges. For the first time, I'm contemplating HOME differently, especially as I reminisce about the nearly 25 years spent building memories in the Family HOME my husband and I created. This newfound perspective hints that where HOME will be in the future might differ. To adapt, I choose to go with the flow and seek alignment. And, to stay connected to the Root Chakra, I embrace the color Red, both in my wardrobe and diet.

Maintaining daily engagement in Reiki practice, my focus is on sustaining Clear, Unblocked, Balanced, and Healed 7-Core Chakras. If you, too, are reflecting on your concept of HOME, consider Zenda Maddox Sanders, a trusted Broker/Realtor for real estate needs in Florida, the U.S.A, and Abroad.

Calling on all Beautiful Souls to join the conversation! What Chakra(s) are you currently nurturing? Drop me a line; your thoughts matter. Share insights on the topics we're exploring. Let me know what you'd like to hear more about—your input is invaluable.

Until next month, stay connected with me on IG & FB for Make Space Mondays &

Sending Immense Light & Love...

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Join the conversation! Your thoughts matter. Drop us a line and share insights on the topics being explored. We are eager to hear what subscribers think and what subjects resonate with them. Your input shapes the direction of our discussions. Let us know what you'd like to hear more about—it's a dialogue, and your perspectives are essential. 



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