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Ever-Evolving...She BlogZ 'The TIFF' Over COVID-19 Vaccine.

Happy March Ever-Evolving Fam!

It’s SPRING!! Almost time to wear White, if you follow Ole’ School Fashion rules. LOL! I’m in a Space, where I will wear White, any time of the year I choose. That said, seasonal colors are not what this post is about. So keep reading...LBVS!

You all know I have all KindZ of ThingZ to Share. However, this month as we embark upon a new season, we are still living through a Pandemic. One that has had us housebound for over a year now. When we aren’t, and dare go out, we’re stricken by panic; with the fear of not having washed one’s hands enough. Was my mask over my nose? Has anyone I’ve been around been exposed? The thoughtz that continue to go through mind each time I leave home. Having shared that, I still had major concernz about receiving the COVID-19 Vaccination. So much so, Hubbs and I decided we wouldn't.

Dayz & Weekz passed, with minimal discussion; if any regarding Our Stance about vaccinating. Hubbs walks in and says, "Hey Bae, I'm home, & I signed up for the COVID-19 Vaccination today."

I won’t’ bore you with the detz of 'The Tiff', however I will share this. It lasted over several dayz. And as I shared in my Marriage post, we are able to discuss and come to a mutual respect. At that time, I was still opposed! #LearningGrowing&Ever-Evolving

That said, I continued to 'Unpack' my FeelingZ & EmotionZ. In doing so, I realized that I was allowing yearz of Racial Weathering & Trauma to impact a decision pertaining to Preventative Care for myself and my Family. The side-effectz from those yearz, continue to veer their ugliness along my Journey. At which times, I have to thoroughly process, and afford myself time to reflect deeply on on my Actionz & Decisionz.

That said, throughout my ‘Unpacking’, I had a number of conversations with my Uncle G, I watched the news, completed research, chatted with trusted people that had received the vaccine, and additional conversations with Uncle G! LOL! Also, during my ‘Quiet Time’, I’d ask God for direction. Specifically, for Clarity & Removal of fear as it pertained to the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Literally dayz following, I received a call from my Church to Contact and Schedule the 65+ Population for the Vaccine. I wasn’t 65+, so getting the Vaccination wasn’t on my mind when I said “of course I’ll be there…” I served at MTZ scheduling the 65+, and committed to working at the actual ‘COVID-19 Clinic’. Two days prior to the Clinic, I received a call from MTZ. In a most excited voice, “Hey, I’m able to add you to the list for the vaccination. You’ve been here…...” I was in literal shock! My mouth dropped. Noticing the silence, Sis. W asked, “Zenda, you there..?”

Lifting my bottom lip from the floor of my bedroom, I laughed and exhaled. Following same, I shared my concernz, 'the Tiff' Hubbs and I had, how history was impacting my decision... Sis. W chatted with me for a bit, and at the end of our conversation, I was signed up to be vaccinated. #MTZFamilydemonstrationofLove

Now, Ms. Tiff starter had to share w/ Hubbs’ that she was too going to receive the COVID-19 Vaccination. Since he is also ‘Ever-Evolving’ , Hubbs was glad she followed HIS lead, & 'The Tiff' was over! #MarriageEver-Evolving

My Experience w/ the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccination

Dose #1 (left pic), I didn't feel the injection. Mild arm soreness lasting several days. Slight itch at the injection site, this was off and on for several days. I also had a slight headache for 3 to 4 days. I reported my side-effects with the CDC’s Virtual Check-In.

Dose #2 (center pic), This injection was definitely heavier- needle feel; and entry of dose. Soreness at the site and itchiness on the day received. Approximately 48 hours later, I experienced tiredness- Sleeping quite a bit and a headache (lingering, not debilitating). Fatigue lasted a week or so.

Having done my research prior, the side-effects I experienced were in line. The best advice I received was to Hydrate & Rest prior to, and after. Two ThingZ I should do daily anyway, Right! LBVS!

Black People, Brown People, do your research regarding the different options for the COVID-19 Vaccination. There are 3! Talk to people you know that have received the Vaccine!

If you choose the option w/ Two-Doses- GET THEM BOTH!! And once you receive yours, be sure to Register w/ the CDC. You’ll obtain this information at the Clinic, prior to receiving your Vaccine. We want to ensure our side-effects are documented by us.

Shout out to my Sister & Friend, Lady Brown (pic above right) for Journeying this experience with me.

Get Vaccinated, Stay Safe, Wear Your Mask & Practice Social Distancing!


~Dinky Rose


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