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Dinky Rose ChatZ...A Wellness Practice: Mind, Body & Spirit/Soul

I am often reminded of how important it is to live your truth and work in your purpose. Work, not in the context of a 9-5. However, cultivating Spaces that fulfill needs beyond yourself. Work that will change generations!

Though my Ship and I lost contact for a number of years. When we reconnected, by Andrea thriving in her Purpose, she brought this Amazing wellness practice into my life. #Sister'sKeeper

As I ‘Ever-Evolve’, I regularly utilize the principles of the '21 Day Renewal' to Reset!

As I wrap up the ‘30 Day Journaling Experience w/ Dinky Rose’, I am starting Day #1 of the current '21 Day Renewal' taking place @Glam_Project145.

Join me, you will most definitely 'Evolve'!!!


~Dinky Rose


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