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Dinky Rose ChatZ: Marriage

So, My Bae and I have been married for 21 years and five days. I won’t be petty and count the hours, minutes & seconds.

We love each other, literally unconditionally. It’s been demonstrated to one another, through the years. At times, we get on each other’s nerves. And sometimes; especially during this time of Stay Safe & Stay Home, I’m sure Bae wants to stuff me in our closet with a bottle of wine, a glass, a bottle of water, a pen, a light source & my Journal. #QuietTime

As a couple, we’ve seen each other during a myriad of phases. I was Nineteen and Bae 21 when we began Courting! We have literally grown up together. Just thinking about how a person changes. How I’ve changed throughout the years. And during those times, being able to hang in there. Something we’ve learned during the Ebbs and Flows of Marriage is appreciating every moment.

As with All ThingZ, I try to focus on being Intentional in all spaces. So as a Wife “Ever-Evolving”, I say: Y’all Marriage is Real. It is Fun. It is Never giving up. It is Acknowledging & Respecting the individuality of one another. It is Forgiving. It is being Humble. It is a Space ‘Ever-Evolving’ as a Collective & as Individuals.

Through the yearz, Bae and I know when for the sake of our relationship we need time away from one another. During this time, we reflect on what is happening. Most importantly, this space allows us to work through our individual thingz. In doing so, responding with Love; as opposed to reacting in anger.

To be clear, Don’t Confuse ‘ for the sake of the relationship’ with for the sake of the ‘Marriage’. When we said ‘I Do’. We Did! That said, we vow to be married and maintain an authentic, unconditional demonstration of Love type of relationship.

“Marriage can be like that orgasm that yields you speechless, and renders you completely satisfied if you’re willing to put in the work.” ~dinkyrose

Journaling Prompt:

Get your journal, favorite pen, a cup of tea/glass of wine/glass of water (your preference) and a candle.

Make Journaling an Experience each time!!

Sit with your Spouse and talk about your respective signs of when space and quiet time/reflection is needed. Additionally, what do you and your Spouse do to maintain a respectful & loving environment. This Marriage Journey requires Time, Intentionality & Prayers!

After you two have a conversation, write about the experience. More specifically, journal about what you will do to maintain a Marriage that is a living example and will positively impact your legacy.

Happy Journaling


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