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Stop & Smell The Roses

As I wrap up 2022, I’ve been spending time reflecting on My Vision & Plan for the year.

Doing so, I’ve asked MySelf, …

Did I…

  • Follow My Vision & Written Plan?

  • Maintain focus on BEing the Best Version of Me, MySelf & I?

    • In All Ways & Always?

  • Honor My Essence?

As I sat Simply Being…

Drinking a cup of Coffee…

And Centering on My Breath…

In My Mind's Eye, I heard…

‘Z, Celebrate! Stay your Course… However, STOP SIS & Smell the Roses…’

At that moment, I grabbed My Journal and began to write out My Roses!!! Here’s what I wrote…

As a Woman, I

  • Published My 2nd Book

  • Maintained & Sustained a LifeStyle Centered in Wellness…

  • Showed Up for Me, MySelf & I

  • Maintained the Commitment to Manage My Blog & Business

  • Grew TRConsulting…

  • Cultivated Aligned Relationships

  • Engaged in My Life by HD Strategy

As a Wife, I…

  • Responded to My Husband in Love… Even when that meant being Silent..

  • Co-Created the ‘Space in Between’…

  • ‘Mirrored’ to maintain Understanding, and Clarity

As a Mom, I…

  • Honored Boundaries

  • ‘Mirrored’ to ensure Understanding… And to demonstrate their opinions, interests… Matter

  • Loved Unconditionally

  • Celebrated My Oldest Graduating from College 💚🤍

  • Aligned w. My Youngest as he actively pursues an Undergraduate Degree 💚💛

As a Daughter, I…

  • Let Go, and ReleaZed things from My upbringing that unbeknownst to Me… were seeping into the relationship. Not allowing for each of Us to Be…

  • Enjoyed the Evolution of Our Relational Experience 🤍

I’ve shared this before… It is easy for me to check off my ‘To Do List’, and Keep It Moving. A Trait I am working on… Why? Because, in the midst of Making Things Happen; it is not uncommon to think less is being achieved/accomplished/completed.

However, being intentional about making time to acknowledge what has been accomplished. Allows for celebratory actions & an opportunity to access, curate; and create/co-create next moves.

Seeing the realization of the Choices I’ve made… Plans I put in place… And watching Things Unfold… Come to Fruition… Literal Manifestations before My Eyes… So Rewarding… On Many Levels. ~Coach Z'

This is why that Internal Voice was so Personally Profound. After Reflecting, within each Space, 2022 was a Pretty Amazing Year!

Making time to Acknowledge & Celebrate along My Journey keeps Me Encouraged. As well as, Grounded & Centered; allowing Me to Stay My Course…

In preparation for My Vision & Plan for 2023, I will place additional focus towards Celebrating Accomplishments & Achievements. I’m thinking I will make time each month to Smell My Roses! I’ll keep you all posted.

In the meantime,

  1. Make time to Reflect on 2022’s Vision & Plan. How did you do?

    1. Write Out your Roses

  2. Celebrate your accomplishments

    1. Alone or w/ your Aligned Tribe

  3. Plan for 2023

    1. Incorporate regular and consistent check ins

We’re on this Journey of Consistent & Regular Self-Care as a LifeStyle Together… Creating/Co-Creating Bold, Intentional & Radical Self-Care Experiences… In Life, Business & Self-Care… Is My Jam!!!

If you would like to Strategic-Partner to align with for your 2023 Plans/Goals, contact Thomas Rose Consulting.

‘Be the first to Put You 1st… In All Ways & Always.’

Sending Immense Light & Love,

~Coach Z'


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