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Dinky Rose ShareZ: 'All ThingZ' 2021 ViZion

As I prepare for 2021, I began by Writing Out ‘All ThingZ’ I’ll focus on. In past years, I’d start by flipping through magazines and looking for pictures and quotes that Inspired me. This year I began by determining what is IMPORTANT to me, for a Well Balanced , Thriving Life & Year. These 'ThingZ' will be a part of my 2021 ViZion Board.

After reviewing my 2020 ViZion Board and Writing Out the WinZ & OpportunitieZ this year, thus far. I was able to assess 'All ThingZ' that Happened. And I have to say, Pandemic and all; I was able to accomplish many ThingZ I set out to do. Additionally, I determined that Journaling was adding a layer of accountability to my ViZion Board; and would now be a component of my Process- ‘All ThingZ’ My PlanZ!!

For my Wellness, I compartmentalize to ensure I don’t get overwhelmed and completely stressed out. So, Writing ThingZ Out allow me to know what I’ve Completed/Done/Accomplished; and if I am remaining True to ‘All ThingZ’ that matter to Me & are in line with my Purpose.

As with 'All ThingZ Dinky Rose', I am Sharing my ‘2021 ViZion PromptZ’ with the Intent of Sharing how I will Strive to Create & Balance Living My Life w/ Intent & Purpose. All as I Ever-Evolve!

Below is a pic of my How , What & Why:

As we journey towards the close of 2020, use the '2021 ViZion PromptZ' above; and Write Out YOUR PlanZ!!

My next step, is composing my 'ViZion Board' w/ Imagery' & purchasing my Journal specifically linked to My 2021 ViZion PlanZ. Of course, I'll keep you all posted!

Write it Down, Make a Plan, Hold yourself Accountable & Make ThingZ Happen. ~Dinky Rose

Grab your Journal, and/or snag loose-leaf paper. Take a look at the 'ViZion PromptZ, use them to 'Write Out All ThingZ To Manifest The Life You Want". Come on Girl, LetZ Do This!

SHARE your 2021 ViZion Board w/ Imagery, once you've completed it. Send it to or SHARE on All ThingZ Dinky Rose on FaceBook. Your ViZion Board, or a component of may be Shared on 'Ever-Evolving w/ Dinky Rose'.

Here's to Ever-Evolving w/ Intention & Purpose...

~Dinky Rose


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