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Self-ChatZ, ReleaZe & Carry On!!!

As written in my book, ‘How I Survived Quarantine 2020…’ I have made a Practice of ‘RELEAZING’ on a monthly basis. In doing so, ‘Relieving or Delivering myself from sorrow, suffering, or trouble.’. Now understand, I also do ‘Mini-ReleaseZ as needed. Y'all this Wellness Journey takeZ much work, & for me...Self-TalkZ. And yes, I still believe you have to be your own Hype-Girl!!! #YouGotItGirl

Mini-Self ChatZ’ allows for ‘RELEAZING’, as needed for a LifeStyle of Wellness:Mind, Body, Spirit, & Soul. ~Dinky Rose

As a monthly Practice, I make time to complete some form of physical representation of ‘ReleaZing’ what has blocked me from BEing... Remember “Letting Go”? Well to avoid having a backyard full of paper...LBVS! I ‘Write OutThingZ acting as an obstacle. Following same, I've built an Amazing Fire in my firepit; by myself or with TriBeeZ. I have affirming wordZ, Pray, & then toss our ‘ThingZ’ into the Fire and ReleaZe them. Yes, ReleaZe... with the accountability of NOT taking 'ThingZ' back. Not being perfect...LOL! This can be difficult early on in the this Practice. So, offer yourself some Grace. Therefore, if taken back, don't give it much time...'Self-TalkZ' & Carry On!

The Practice of 'ReleaZing' makeZ room for 'All ThingZ' God & the Universe has in store for you! So as you continue your Journey of Ever-Evolving... Remember to ReleaZe Often!!

To hear more about this Practice, and other Wellness TipZ & Journaling PromptZ; get your Copy of 'How I Survived Quarantine 2020'. You may shop via or EE...She BlogZ; by clicking 'Shop' here, or at the top of the blog.

BE Well,

~Dinky Rose

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