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Dinky Rose ChatZ... Letting G0

Day 13’s Journal Prompt from the ‘30 Day Journaling Experience w/ Dinky Rose’ was supposed be shared during March 27th’s Blog Post.

I wasn’t quite done unpacking the matter when it was time to Publish. Through Journaling my unfiltered feelingz & emotionz. Learningz. Praying. Quiet Time. 21 Day Renewal Mind, Body and Soul Devotional. I am now in a good space and ready to share the thing, that ‘gave me pause’.

Since it has been a minute, the prompt is:

Day # 13 (March 13, 2020): Has something happened to you this week that ‘gave you pause’? If so, have you unpacked it? Also, write about the role you had in the matter? Is there anything you could have done differently? What did you learn?

Happy Journaling!’

The matter I have unpacked occured on March 13, 2020. I fully unpacked the matter on April 15, 2020; during Day #5 of ‘21 Day Renewal: Mind, Body and Soul by Andrea F. K. Rodgers, MA LLP’. And yes, if you’re thinking about the amount of time it took me to process through. It wasn't overnight!!

The devotional topic was “Today is the day you decide to let go!” Rodgers continues by writing, “Letting go is a choice to decide that you will no longer ruminate on things that are out of your control, and focus on what you can control, instead.”

So, what happened Dinky Rose? In short, I placed someone I've known for 20+ years in a position of reverence. In doing so, I feel I was taken for granted and disrespected on a number of levels. In the midst of it all, words were had. Texts and emails were exchanged.

The situation that birthed the writing prompt for March 13th was unsettling for me due to my current spiritual space. Specifically, because I am intentional about what I take in. In every Space I occupy. Figuratively and literally. As previously shared, as I ‘Ever-Evolve’ I am also growing in my Faith and having a closer relationship with God. #Daddy’sGirl (Thanks again @ Ebony Robinson!) This alone, makes me look at All ThingZ a bit different. #ever-evolving

Fast-forward to the unpacking, and most importantly....Letting Go!

As I began to unpack the matter, I of course grabbed my Journal! I began by writing about:

What occurred.

Why it bothered me.

What role I had.

Was there anything I could have done differently?

Did I maintain what I believed in?

Was there anything I needed to apologize for?

What did I do wrong?

After addressing the items above, I prayed and asked God for help with getting through this so that it didn't negatively impact my spiritual self. Additionally, I started with what I did wrong. Yep! What I did wrong!! On this journey, I have learned that there is only one thing I can control, and that is Me!!

Now fast-forward to completing Day 5 of Rodgers' 21 Day Renewal Devotional. As I read, I highlighted areas of importance to me. Like, ‘Letting go creates space for fresh beginnings; stripping you of what happened yesterday, and enabling the doors of brand new opportunities to open today.” Continuing to read the day’s material, I thought about the 13th and how much it bothered me. Personally (my Mind). Spiritually.

The first time reading I thought of a thing or two. As I read the second time, Rodgers spoke of things like: choices, relationships, break ups, what you said to someone; and/or what some said to you. ThingZ that can 'hold us hostage'. She goes on by stating "Ask God simply what do I need to let go? Meditating on the ask and chatting with Him about it. You already know what came to me!! Yep! March 13th! I told y'all I was a bit bothered!! LBVS!

Moving through the remainder of the devotional, the 'Daily Activity' was:

'Write on a piece of paper something you know you need to let go, or someone you need to forgive. Then bury the piece of paper.'

As I read, I thought 'does Rodgers mean 'bury' figuratively or literally?' Thank God the Author is my Shippee (Sands)!! Yay! To ensure I was appropriately completing the 'Daily Activity', I called her.

We had an amazing conversation regarding the respective devotional and the focus scripture (Isaiah 43:18-19, AMP). Additionally, Rodgers stated that I am to physically 'bury' the letter. She continued by rhetorically asking 'How often do you unbury something that is dead?" 'You don't' she stated. So what did I do, I wrote my letter, folded it up, dug a hole, buried it; and covered it up. #letgo

During this journey of ‘Ever-Evolving’, I’ve owned the fact that everything and everyone does not require an immediate response; or a response at all. Nor am I required to accept what others are offering, specifically if it is not a part of my plan.

At this juncture, I am focused on intentionality in all Spaces I occupy. I am no longer entertaining and/or engaging thingZ that are not a part of my plan.


This Daily Activity was cleansing!! Therefore, I'll share...

Write on a piece of paper something you know you need to let go, or someone you need to forgive. Then, bury the piece of paper.

Here's to 'Ever-Evolving' and Letting Go of anything holding you from living the type of life He has planned for you!

~Dinky Rose


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