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2022 Wellness In Action Series



All ThingZ Dinky Rose

"A Brand & LifeStyle Centered in Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul. Providing Tools, Resources, Self-Care Modalities; & More. ReleaZing the Power from within."


‘Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul is utilizing Self-Care Practices & Modalities to maintain a perpetual state of Flow- In All Areas of Life.’ That is how I will respond when asked what My definition of Wellness is. And yes, that will be asked of me in the days to come. #Manifesting

Following 20+ years of being in a constant state of busyness, and always on the go. With the many ThingZ I had to do, and places I needed to go; I was always an afterthought. I was grossly obese by medical definition- 5'5 1/2 (give me my half) and almost 300 lbs. Stature-wise, my body was in bad shape. I was killing myself.

2021 taught Me MUCH. When I began using the term Ever-Evolve, to Me it was a new word. Something that wasn’t a part of my vocabulary, because it just wasn’t. Not until Wellness became a part of my vocabulary. And now Life. When I was introduced to Wellness, My Soul was Ignited.

Through the Series, ‘Wellness In Action…’ taking place all of 2022. I'll share candid stories and experiences about how I've been Intentional as it pertains to 'All ThingZ' My Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul. Additionally, I’ll provide tips, share resources & more.

Not to mention, how I have made Wellness a Career. Stay Tuned.

From a Space of Gratefulness, I want to THANK Each of You for joining Me each month. Sharing the Ever-Evolving Space with you is VERY MUCH a part of my Journey.

Much Gratitude!

Here's to Abundance & Greater ALL 2022.

(Repeat this Daily. Believe It, Do the Work, & Wait...)

~ Z.Lannette

BE BOLD & Radical about Your Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul.




2022 is Requiring continued 'Throat Chakra' Self-Care. As such, I schedule Daily Tea-Time. That may be during the time Roe and I watch a movie. Or I make it Experience with candles, my Crystals, & Bible. It depends on my Wellness Needs. #bigthingZ #lilthingz #wellnesslifestyle #wellnessinaction22

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BE Intentional About Your Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul.



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