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Welcome to 'Ever-Evolving w/ Dinky Rose...She BLOGs!!!

Hey ‘Ever-Evolving’ Fam!!

Thank you again for Subscribing to my BLOG! I hope you have enjoyed TeaserZ shared from ‘All ThingZ Dinky Rose’(ATDR).

I am excited to share experiences, learningZ, Shout OutZ, Big ThingZ, Lil’ ThingZ, 'All ThingZ Dinky Rose'. I'll also showcase Female Entrepreneurs w/ a focus on Black Women...and so much more!

As I continue to 'Ever-Evolve', maintaining Balanced relationships is near and dear to my heart. This for me is a form of Self-Care (Wellness). I am in a Season of my life, where I am Intentional in; and about ALL Spaces I occupy. Yes! Personally, Professionally, Social Circles, etc.

Ever-Evolving w/ Dinky Rose will share as A Woman. A Wife. A Mother. A Daughter. All ThingZ Dinky Rose. I can either positively or negatively make a difference. I choose positive. That said, I am looking forward to sharing ThingZ I’ve learned along the way from an Authentic Space. We’re going to have an Amazing Time as we all ‘Ever-Evolve’.

Ebony Robinson states in Day 14 of her devotional, "Rest in God’s capacity that your seasons have purpose". Through ‘Ever-Evolving w/ Dinky Rose’ I pray that a nugget or two or three :) will be received as each of you ‘Ever-Evolve’ in your respective Season.

Drop me a line in the comments with ThingZ you would like to see on my BLOG.

Looking forward to ‘Ever-Evolving’ w/ you!!

~Dinky Rose

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