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VolumeZ w/ Dinky Rose...

Watched, Watching, Teaching, Learned & Learning

As I watched the women around me raise children, from the time I was a little girl to present; I continue to learn from them. Also, hoping I am teaching those that may be watching me.

While watching these women use alternative ways to communicate, discipline, reach and teach each child. Essentially utilizing a Parent Style that uniquely meets the needs of each child. All while taking bits and pieces from the wisdom of the AMAZING women in my village.

Life’s phases have shown me these women during the different stages of their lives. And of course different times in my life. The beauty of it all is the women I most admire, were from my view experiencing their respective spaces as their Authentic selves. It’s something watching an Unapologetic, Strong, Black Woman raise her children; Love her Husband, Work in her Passion, Serve her God, and balance the ails of the world. Doing this all while creating an environment for her child/children to flourish. Even in Spaces that are set up for us to fail.

Excerpt from VolumeZ w/ Dinky Rose...

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