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Self-Love Is A Hell Yes!!!

Imagine this: You wake up one morning feeling like you’ve slept for days. Your mind is clear. Your body feels rested. Your Spirit is at peace. And Your Soul is On Fire for the excitement & adventures the day will bring.

In no way anxious, just sheer peace. As you still yourself w. a 7-minute meditation, a 15-minute Self-Reiki Practice, and your Daily-Morning Prayer w. Your Intentions. Taking your focus to your breath, inhale (filling your belly) & exhale.

Gently turning your legs to the side of the bed, allowing your feet to slowly hit your slippers at the side of your bed. You take in another deep breath, filling your belly; exhaling through your mouth.

Placing your hands at your heart’s center, you thank your Higher Being for allowing you to see another day. And allowing you to Be Bold, Radical & Intentional about ‘Being The First To Put You 1st… In All Ways & Always.'


Creating a morning practice is what allows me to show up for myself. Prior to this practice, I rushed out of bed when the alarm went off, because I’d likely overslept. Oversleeping, because I was unable to get to sleep with a million things running through my mind. Especially when I navigated very dark times over the past three years.

In addition to establishing my morning Self-Love Routine, I began following and applying my Human Design Strategy to Daily Living. AND…OMG!! Y’ALL, this has been a Game-Changer for Me.

One of my greatest take-a-ways from My HD is truly understanding the nuances of Me, MySelf & I. More importantly knowing how to manage and cultivate My Dark… As I actively nourish My Light.

We each come into the world w. a specific profile & purpose. HD illustrates personality traits, life themes & how respective personality types interact within the world.

Key components of HD are understanding the conscious and unconscious aspects of self. And understanding your design details, such as:Type, Strategy, Authority & Profile.

My Human Design is a Manifesting Generator w. A Strategy to Respond w. Authority w. a defined Emotional Solar Plexus.


In short, all the years of thinking and wondering why I was so weird. Ceased as a thought once I realized how uniquely God made Me. So No... I no longer subscribe to being weird…different… I’m Just Z! Wonderfully & Purposefully Made.

And… It also means I have a ton of ideas, thoughts… However, it is not intended for me to initiate it all. By maintaining a healthy mind space, I will know when to move & w. whom. By sheer Alignment & Flow.

Additionally, I am an emotional person by design. So, as I make decisions and navigate my life, I must stay grounded in God’s Word. Honoring my Spirituality & His presence and Hand in All ThingZ Me. Even when it’s uncomfortable… And trust, one thing I know to be true… Discomfort is personal evolution & growth.

That said, when making decisions, I do so at my pace. Having an Emotional Solar Plexus, means the only decisions I make in the moment… are emergencies & when It’s A Hell Yes!!!

Make It A Hell Yes as it pertains to 'Being The First To Put You 1st... In All Ways & Always'. And if you don't have a Morning Routine, Create One... Just For You!!!

If you would like to co-create, or have a curated Wellness Experience w. Me, Coach Z...

Let's Connect.

Reach out to Subject line: It's A Hell Yes For Me, Z!

Until Next Month...

In Light & Love,

~Coach Z'


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