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Self-Love/Care, Habit to a LifeStyle.

Happy January, it is the time to assess the year prior, & plan for the current year. Most are familiar with doing so as it pertains to Goals for business, etc. However, what about from the stance of Self-Love/Care…?

2023 is the year our Founder/CEO & Team will provide intentional Spaces/Experiences to focus on YOU.

Yes, YOU!!!

Each of us is made for a specific Purpose. One we believe is Ever-Evolving, and permeates appropriately when in alignment along One’s Journey. All of which beginning by truly Loving Self.

Getting to One’s Purpose, Requires Intention… Focus… And a deep level of Knowing One’s Self…. Acknowledging, Understanding, and Managing the Many Parts…

This month TRC kicked off the year, with a ‘Beyond The Vision Board w. Coach Z’.. Experience.’ It was completely enriching for participants & Coach Z'. During this Experience, we addressed:

  • Intentions

  • Meditation

  • Journaling

  • Parts Work

  • Ever-Evolving & More...

Always an Experience, because that requires One to have the Desire to Work on Self. And put in the necessary Work.

Self-Love/Care is Unconditionally Acknowledging, Accepting, Embracing & Effectively managing One’s Shadow Parts; and their Light. And doing the Work, w. Bold & Radical Intentionality. ~Coach Z'

Each month, all 2023 Thomas Rose Consulting will offer an Experience to Cultivate & Care for every aspect of Self.

Join us February 12th- 18th, for an online; at-your-own-pace Journaling Experience.

Each day participants will receive a Journaling Prompt… directly to their email. All 7 days will aid in creating a habit of Self-Love/Care. Doing so, to transform this Habit into a LifeStyle.

Secure your space by purchasing your ticket on EventBrite

‘Be the first to PUT YOU 1st… In All Ways & Always.’ ~Coach Z’

I Love Me 7-Day Journaling Experience…w. Coach Z’...Candid shares, Journaling Prompts & More…

Sending Immense Light & Love,

~Team TRC


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