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Embracing Growth: Celebrating Milestones, Healing, and New Beginnings

This May has been an extraordinary month of travel, connection, and profound personal growth. I’ve journeyed through three states, navigated bustling airports, and rode with countless Uber drivers. Each moment spent with family and friends has been a testament to honoring this new version of myself, a version birthed by having the audacity to truly BE.

Celebrating Milestones and Embracing Authenticity

Amidst these travels, I celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary—a milestone that fills me with immense gratitude. This celebration was not just about marking the years but also about honoring the authentic selves my Hubbs and I have grown into. Experiencing life’s storms, both literal and metaphorical, has only strengthened our bond. Despite nature’s chaotic weather, we remained covered and protected, a testament to the power of

faith and resilience.

Healing and Intentional Living

This month, I’ve embarked on a deeply personal journey of healing. With the intention of healing generations, I’ve focused on healing the Dark Mother archetype within me. Trusting in the Ripple Effect, I believe these efforts will positively impact my legacy, creating waves of healing and growth within my lifetime.

Navigating relationships with intentionality has been a cornerstone of this journey. Being fully present for those aligned with my path has reinforced the understanding that my journey is not just for me. It’s a shared experience, one that impacts and uplifts

those around me.

"The Audacity TO BE": Final Edits and New Beginnings

Completing the final edits of my book, “The Audacity TO BE,” has been both challenging and rewarding. This process has stretched me, pushing me to create some of my greatest work yet. The book encapsulates the lessons learned in the first two phases of my life and prepares me for this transformational third phase.

Standing boldly, I trust God to guide me as I pause and maintain a balanced state of BEing. This preparation is crucial for receiving divine guidance and direction, ensuring I am ready for the next steps in my journey.

Pre-order your copy of “The Audacity TO BE here. This book is more than a memoir; it’s a call to embrace your journey with boldness and intentionality.

Don’t miss out on this transformative guide.

Looking Forward with Gratitude and Intention

As I reflect on this month, I am filled with gratitude for the experiences and growth it has brought. Traveling, celebrating, healing, and creating have all contributed to a deeper understanding and appreciation of my authentic self. I embrace the limitless possibilities ahead, trusting in the divine plan and the strength within to navigate

whatever comes my way.

May this blog inspire you to live boldly, heal intentionally, and embrace your journey with authenticity and grace. Here’s to embracing life’s storms and emerging stronger and more aligned with our true selves.

With gratitude and intentionality,



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