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'Dinky Rose Shout OutZ' Much GRATITUDE!!

I am the Daughter of Zenda Maddox-Sanders,

I am the Granddaughter of Hellen Rose Maddox


I am the Great-Granddaughter of Ethel Kyle’s Beasley

Since June 1st, I’ve been participating with Girl Trek’s: 21 Day Black History Bootcamp. If you haven’t heard of Girl Trek, please go to their site; read about their mission, and join the movement.

I initially joined the movement because as a part of Wellness Plan, it was time to yet again jumpstart my daily walking. I thought I’d learn a thing or two!

When I tell you I felt like I’d truly have my ‘Black Card Revoked’, LBVS!

By Day Four, I was so disappointed with myself. All these years, I’d prided myself on being knowledgeable as it pertained to ‘All ThingZ’ Black. And you want to talk about knowing about Black Women in history, I had it! So I thought..smh! Essentially, I knew about the ‘main’ ones. Like Madame CJ Walker, Eartha Kitt, Angela Davis….

Now knowing my lack of awareness as it pertained to my Black Women in History. Each morning, I have anxiously awaited the daily emails with yet another amazing woman in Black History. Each woman Morgan and Vanessa have shared has made significant contributions to Black History and the Black Movement.

Cruising along to Day #18, one of the reflection points/questions was

How does your Grandmother’s story impact who I am today?”

Like most Grandmothers, growing up she was always there and made sure every need and want was met. So much so, I was clueless to all the hate in the world prior to experiencing it in elementary school. Even as an adult, once Hubbs’ and I began our family. My Grandma would come and stay with me for two weeks. She helped properly latch my babies onto my breast. When I couldn’t see straight because my newborn wouldn’t sleep. I’d open the door and she’d already been there waiting to comfort and care for Great-Grandchild; as I slept, hydrated, and learned how to be a Mom.

As I prepared for this month’s posts, I had numerous conversations; and a two-hour interview with my Grandma. During our chatz, I gleaned so much about Hellen Rose: The Woman, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Grandmother, Black Rights Activist, Advocate and so much more.

Join me next month to hear more about her experiences, learnings, and call to actions for Black People.

In the meantime, how has your Grandma impacted you? Feel free to share at the bottom of this post

Here’s to ‘Ever-Evolving’!

Until July….Be Well!

~Dinky Rose

I dedicate this piece to my Great-Grandma Ethel K. Beasley (Ma Beasley). In doing so, showing extreme gratitude for the Love & Legacy I continue to experience by way of my Grandma!


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