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Dinky Rose ChatZ: Wellness In Action!!!


A Brand & LifeStyle Focused on Intentionality & Wellness.

'Sharing 'All ThingZ' while Actively Engaging in a LifeStyle focused on

INTENTIONALITY & WELLNESS: Mind, Body, Spirit, & Soul.

As Woman, Wife, Mother/DukeZ, Daughter, Granddaughter, Niece, CouZin & More…


Since the World has opened back up. School's in session & the threat of BuZyness loomZ my psyche, I WILL NOT revert back to an unhealthy LifeStyle of doing way too much. Allowing My Time. Energy. EffortZ, etc. to be improperly used!!! I found MySelf having to check ‘All ThingZ’ Me. I mean, Self-ChatZ have been multiple times throughout My DayZ & Weeks.

In the midst of executing PlanZ I set for 2021. Acknowledging that there are only three months left in 2021, & I have a boatload of ThingZ to accomplish; I almost worried. Yep, almost!!!

Pre-Evolved Dinky Rose would have begun to worry & panic, not to mention allow doubt to seep in. Causing me to question the PlanZ I’d set for MySelf.

Not ‘Ever-Evolving’ Dinky Rose!!!

As I began to feel a tinge of BEing Overwhelmed, I immediately went to Prayer. My Spirit & Soul work has been the foundation of My Wellness LifeStyle. Literally, the metaphoric BumpZ & BruiseZ I’ve received throughout 2020 MADE me know without a doubt, that God IS in Control of All ThingZ Me. Knowing. Trusting. Believing this allows me the peace that the PlanZ I have set, are God’s. I am confident in this, because of the time I spend with HIM. Having FAITH. Discerning. Patience. BEing Still.

Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit, & Soul, RequireZ much work. Consistent work. I liken it to, whom much is given, much is required. Knowing this RequireZ me to do the legwork, in order to maintain a LifeStyle of Wellness. Even in the midst of BuZyness, it is My Responsibility to Make Me & My Wellness Thee Priority.

As I Remind MySelf of Wellness ToolZ & TipZ, here are several I’d like to share:

  • Spend Time w/ God (Your Source) Daily

(Schedule time & hold yourself accountable.)

  • Repeat Daily MantraZ

(Repeat mantra from EE...Post. Or Create Your Own.)

  • Set Daily IntentionZ

(Are they in line w/ Your ViZion?)

(Acknowledge, Unpack, Let Go, &...)

  • Your Time & Energy is for what is Important/ Your Life’s Purpose

(Seek guidance from God/ (Your Source).)

EE Fam, even though the World is open; and society will make you believe BuZyness is a natural part of Life. I Challenge you to say ‘NO More!!!

As we Slay the remainder of 2021, stay focused on your GoalZ & DreamZ. Mind Your Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul. Prioritize. And Remember to ReleaZe Often & AlwayZ!

Here’s to making Room for the Abundance we’re destined for; as we Live & Walk in Purpose.

Heal, Evolve & ReleaZe,

~Dinky Rose


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QueenZ, Thee ReleaZe... ~Dinky Rose

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