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Dinky Rose ShareZ: One Of Her MantraZ

As I commenced 2020, I wrote on a sticky note ‘DON’T LET FEAR STOP ME FROM

WALKING IN MY DESTINY!. And I wrote it on the mirror in my bathroom. ------>

Even during COVID-19, I am unabatedly pursuing ‘All ThingZ Dinky Rose...’. #Purpose #Faith #Passion

An extremely helpful Wellness Practice for me, pre-pandemic; and REALLY while in Quarantine is Quiet Time in addition to Journaling. Rewind to Friday, April 17, 2020.

As I sat on the side of my tub gazing at the writing on my mirror. It included topics for my Blog. Quotes. An Affirmation. One liners. Many ThingZ that are a part of a writing project. Actually, a multitude of projects.

Sitting there, I thought about that even in the midst of a pandemic, God is making ThingZ happen in my life.


  • Paths crossed

  • Opportunities

  • Love ‘Ever-Evolving (As a Daughter & Mother)

  • Faith

What are you GRATEFUL for? Grab your Journal & write it down!


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