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Dinky Rose ChatZ: Quarantine Community Service

As I scrolled through my email just over a week ago; I found an email regarding a survey for the school district in my SPAM account. I became immediately irritated. What if others had this same issue? They wouldn't know about the survey (and its deadline). I further, ranted about how there should be one specific email for communications from the district to avoid issues like this. Once my Hubby nodded in agreement and confirmed that wasn't quarantine tripping. I looked at him and said, 'I'm calling Reuquiyah!!

So what did I do? I called her! If you're reading this thinking, so did she have an attitude when calling? Of course NOT! It was passion! Additionally, when you know people in positions that can positively impact Change. You utilize your resources. Right??? That's also the beauty of #TribeLife! I'm just sayin'!

Thank God Reuquiyah answered! LOL! She of course received the feedback. We continued for a bit, which lead to a discussion about initiatives and efforts for the school district as we maneuver through Quarantine 2020. Specifically as it pertained to ensuring equity among all students, before the district's Distance Learning roll out.

During the equity part of our Convo, we began to talk about how people too often take thingz for granted. Such as basic essentials, like toothpaste, deodorant, SOAP, etc. Essentials that are paid with by having income. And with many having no income. The above items are thingz some families have had to go without. Like the bar of SOAP that gets too small to really make your face towel SOAPY, so you may toss it. No judgement, I'm talking about myself. In quarantine, I use the entire bar. Until it dissolves into the towel, and I have to use a whole new bar! #growth

As our Convo continued, she further shared that she had been organizing/collecting and preparing hygiene packets and dispersing throughout the school district. I asked what she saw as the greatest need for the said packages. She said, 'Dink, we need SOAP.' Not sure why, but I was surprised that it would be SOAP. An Essential I have clearly taken for granted! #villagework #collaboration

A Conversation Between FriendZ resulted in a SOAP Drive held by 'All ThingZ Dinky Rose...' It was held on April 20th - 24th. We collected 152 Bars of SOAP (see pic below).

Thank you to ALL that participated!!!

Since today is my Birthday, let's extend the SOAP Drive thru 4/30 w, Donations via Cash App to $RikkisAccount

As we quarantine, think of ways to give back!


~Dinky Rose


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