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Dinky Rose ChatZ... 'Quarantine 2020 FeelingZ'

Full ‘Quarantine FeelingZ’, I was scared at the onset. Not debilitating scared, yet scared none-the-less!! I watched the news a bit, my Honey-Babe stayed glued to his phone sharing the latest stats of how Corona is spreading. FB posts, quite a bit of doom and gloom. Some comical, however, I wasn’t in a space to laugh. Not just yet!

As I moved throughout my home during the early dayZ of quarantine, I had hundredZ of thoughtZ running through my head. That said, I needed to fully unpack what was going on with myself and around me. Especially if I was going to be an effective Wife, Mother, etc.

In short, ‘All ThingZ Dinky Rose…’ had to Get It Together!

From a wellness perspective, I knew I needed to increase my time with my DAD (see last month’s post for who HE is). Additionally, I knew I needed to focus on NOT reacting. During this journey, I strive to respond Intentionally in ‘All ThingZ’. And this would be a test!

That said, I needed to get myself together! While actively unpacking my myriad of feelingZ and emotionZ, I still actively occupied the Spaces of:





& many otherZ!

So, I really needed to Focus!

Side Note: Let’s not forget the other Thingz (that don’t deserve a big ‘z’) that try to derail us from fulfilling our life’s Purpose. #gentlereminderZ

Fast forward to Sunday, March 22nd. As we watched Service, Pastor Moore spoke about not hiding your Faith, Being on display & seasoning; even more so now.

As I listened to the Sermon there were a number of items that resonated. At that specific moment in my evolution, not only did I glean ThingZ that aided in my unpacking as it pertained to COVID-19. I was reminded of the impact I have in every situation encountered, and ALL spaces occupied.

Ask me how I’m feeling now! I can wholeheartedly state, I am no longer fearful. I know He’s got us! #Daddy'sGirl

Instead of worrying about what I may never have again and/or what could happen. I’m deciding to Trust my Father, as I continue to cultivate my Mind, Body & Spirit/Soul.

See tomorrow’s post about a Wellness practice I have utilized for approximately four years:

“21 Day Renewal: Mind, Body and Soul” w/ Andrea Rodgers follow her Facebook page @ Glam_Project145.

Here's to 'Ever-Evolving,

~Dinky Rose

As it is through the Seasoning I contribute within the Spaces I Occupy, that I can either be a glooming shadow; or be a Light. I am choosing and striving to SHINE! ~A Dinky'ism

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