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Dinky Rose ChatZ: Know Your 'Why?'!!

So one of the ThingZ I've pondered during a crossroads in American History, is how I am using my platform. Yes... Platform!

With having almost 100 Subscribers, with only eight months of Blogging; that's pretty DOPE. Something I am very much proud of!

So, I would humbly say, I Dinky Rose officially have a Platform! As such, I am asking each of you 'Ever-Evolving Fam', to do the the following:

  1. Register to VOTE

  2. Confirm your Registration Status. If you believe you're Registered, may have moved; or had a name change. Or, you just don't know!! No Judgement!

  3. Take the Pledge to VOTE

  4. Make a Plan for how you will cast your ballot.

This week I had an opportunity to participate with the 'Own Your Vote' initiative facilitated by Oprah Winfrey!! It was such an AWESOME experience. As I listened to the discussion, one of the many ThingZ that stood out to me; was when Oprah chatted about the 'Why?" behind one's VOTE. Additionally, she shared when entering a Space as an individual, it is entered with the 10 Thousand Women that paved the way for her.

In the spirit of sharing, as I journey through the dayz leading to November 3rd's Election. The 'Why?' behind my VOTE has many components. That said, I'll share a bit of my 'Why?'.

My 'Why' is...

To have a world my Son and Daughter can thrive and not be targeted because of the color of their skin. I am Voting for an America that makes it UNCOMFORTABLE for a 1776'er/RACIST to show their face. Simply because it is NOT TOLERATED!! Additionally, I am VOTING for a Democracy; that will address and work in tandem with necessary diverse parties. All to address systemic racial matters that embedded in outdated Policies and Laws. Of course, I can go on!! That said, I will just say....

As you prepare to handle steps one through four; be it Voting at the polls on November 3rd. Voting by mail, Absentee; or Voting Early. Check out everything you need to know about 'All ThingZ' your respective ballot Vote.Org.

You Matter, As DoeZ Your VOTE! ~dinkyrose


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