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Dinky Rose Chatz: 400+ Years Pedagogics & Being Mind Fuc'd

What our current Racial tensions have taught me is that I’ve comfortably lived on the backs of the work of my Black Ancestors. Yes, I’ve experienced racist situations and/or incidents, If you haven’t read, 'Recess’ check out one of my earliest encounters in last month’s Blog. However, as a Black woman that continues to ‘Ever-Evolve’, I am often reminded that Racism has always affected the Bowels of America. Separatism. White Supremacy. White Supremacist. White Privilege. ‘All ThingZ’, I know and have experienced all too often. ThingZ that often remind me of the many ails we have yet to overcome.

And now, our current Administration is using all of the hate rhetoric and scare tactics from back in the day. This Guy is literally making every attempt to create White Ethno-States, and new; yet old methods of Oppression of all ‘non-Americans’. And you know if he could, he’d send All Black Folks back to Africa HE WOULD!!

The ‘1776’er currently maintaining residency in the White House, is perpetuating and working towards an America where his fellow ‘1776'ers feel they can be that era’s ‘Racist In Plain Sight’!! An attempt to continuously remind Black Folks that America was built by them, BUT NOT for them.

Already having used the term ‘1776’ers’, for purposes of this post I’ll provide solid definitions. Why is there a need to categorize? Well, I’ve found myself using the phrase ‘White People’ when sharing opinions about our current climate. In doing so, I acknowledge that I was using that term as broadly as the mindset of 'All Black People’ being bad. That said, in chatting and writing, I decided to break down the variation of White People according to ‘Dinky Rose’.

That said, here’s my breakdown:


One who supports views of Slavery. A world where enslaving Black People is supported. These men and women believe that white America or an ethnostate is best for the White Race. They further believe that we should not interact; most importantly being White Anglo-Saxon is supreme. Blacks are beneath them and serve no purpose.

Just White:

One who is born White, however, has the mindset that all people are Equal. Yet, acknowledging the fact they are privy to things simply based on they’re White.

White & Privileged:

One who is born White and not giving 2 FucZ about Black Lives Matter. This group feels like everything is good to go and further believes that Black Americans have caused their own issues. And further, believe there is no such thing as systemic racism.

*Please know, these views are those of Dinky Rose and are based on her experiences and her journey as a Black Woman, Wife, Mother, Daughter; ‘Ever-Evolving.

Several weeks ago I was chatting it up with my Cousin about ‘The Knock’. As I shared in the article, Uncle Calvin’s murder was rarely discussed. And I was doing my Big Cuzzo Duty and sharing family history; in true ‘Hellen Rose Fashion’, we talked about what we needed to do. We talked through our respective views, particularly having children of varying ages. Yet all Black. Not only did we need to focus on the internal cultivation of the Maddox children. As older cousins, it is our duty and obligation to make sure our lineages are not negatively affected by the hatred of this world.

The one focus we did agree on is making sure we unteach the ‘Jim Crow’ narratives ‘1776’ers’ & ‘White & Privileged’ folks continue to pull their views from. The lies and premeditated narratives created in an attempt to destroy the core of Black People throughout history.

We also chatted about the level of miseducation we’ve been taught; symbolisms, statements, figurines, etc. ThingZ often ignored. For instance, the Betsy Ross Flag and the half flag. It is linked to the mindset and philosophy of ‘1776’ers’. It is symbolic of hate and is regularly used by white supremacist groups. Because I refuse to believe that everyone has ill intent, I have to state that some folks that purchased and hung Betsy Ross’ half flags may not have known. #WhenYouKnowBetterYouDoBetter

That said, trust and believe the majority of those that make the decision to hang said flags; definitely know what it represents. Hate! To that, I say “Thank you for letting me know your stance!!” #RacistInPlainSight

Please know that I am not professing to know ‘All ThingZ’ about Black History, Hate Groups, policies, etc. What I’m saying is that we “Black People” have been ill-informed!!! This only scratched a very small surface. Due to the immense undertaking of correcting over 400 years of pedagogics to a Nation. We are going to have to be intentional at every level, in every aspect!

So back to the Betsy Ross Flag (half flag)!! When I first learned about Betsy Ross, maker of the Flag of the United States Of America. Y’all know the 'SchoolHouse Rock’ vignette that taught us as children that she created and made the American Flag. At 46, I now know that that is a lie!

Most importantly, the flag she’d sewn was NOT the Flag of the United States of America. It was in fact representative of the 13 Colonies. An era that philosophically believed Black People were not considered to be ‘A Person’. So for me, the ‘Betsy Ross’ and ‘Confederate Flag’ are both symbolic of an era where Black People were not considered human!! We, Black Folks, were considered frekin’ PROPERTY’!

So, when I hear folks say “It’s about the heritage!”

It’s about a heritage of Hate & Oppression towards Black People. #EnoughIsEnough

An entire Race ('1776'ers' & 'White & Privileged') that built narratives against Black Americans. Ones that have destroyed, and continuously attempts to dis-mangle and reek havoc on Black Lives:

Be it in corporate America.

Be it in the classroom (at every level of education).

Be it when you’re shopping and being followed around a store; as others shoplift.

Be it when you sleep in your apartment and now you’re dead.

Be it being arrested, because they could and now you’re dead.

Be it being approached by the police, knowing you’re on probation and are not supposed to come in contact with the law; and now you're dead.

Be it taking a run for the health of it and now you’re dead.

Be it having a knee on our neck until life leaves your body and now you’re dead.

We all know, I can go on and on, in 2020; and literally all the years leading up to.

So again, Sorry Not Sorry for being passionate. That said, for those that proudly display these flags. Again, “Thank you for letting me know your stance!!” #RacistInPlainSight

Speaking of Racist in plain sight, my Cuzzo and I had a small experiment. I wanted to know how often she saw the Betsy Ross half flag as she traveled for her job. To be real, the traditional flag she’d sewn is controversial; and in my opinion equivalent to flying and or hanging a Confederate flag on your property. So, I truly wanted to know how often the half flag was displayed. We planned for her to count them a week ago Saturday. In that one day, as she traveled through the outskirts of Detroit; she routed pictures of numerous homes display the half Betsy Ross Flag and a Black exploitation statue which were all proudly displayed outside of homes.

Check some of them out:

‘Ever-Evolving’ Fam,

We are at a crossroads. Seek knowledge about Black History, American History and every construct that impacts unclogging the Racism that continues to impact the bowels of America. Know all sides, even the hate groups. Educate yourself as it pertains to systems that were built to oppress the Lives of Black People; like our prison system, political system (at every level), corporate training, etc.

My Son asked me this evening after watching ‘13th’ on Netflix, “Ma, how do we fix this?” There are so many ThingZ we need to do!

As we continue this ‘Ever-Evolving’ Journey together, I’ll share what I’m doing to be a part of the solution. So, how can we fix this? Or at least begin to fix….

First Thing...exercise your RIGHT To VOTE!!

Our Ancestors literally gave their lives for us to have this RIGHT, and thousands of us (Black People) had the audacity NOT practice their RIGHT in 2016.


VOTE in 2020 like your life depended on it.

It literally does!!

Black People, let’s be intentional in creating our narratives as it pertains to

‘All ThingZ’ Black!!

Thank you for indulging me…. Much Gratitude!!

Until August 27th!


~Dinky Rose

*DR Disclosure: In no way are we accusing Betsy Ross of being a white supremacist. We acknowledge that due to the time frame for which she lived, symbolisms from her timeframe would be used. It makes sense...right?!! So, no disrespect to her legacy. Just stating Facts!


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