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Demonstrating 'SELF-LOVE'... 2022 Monthly Self-Care Practice



All ThingZ Dinky Rose

"A Brand & LifeStyle Centered in Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul. Providing Tools, Resources, Self-Care Modalities; & More. ReleaZing the Power from within."


Happy 27th & 2nd Anniversary for Ever-Evolving… Time really does fly. And when doing 'All ThingZ' with Intention & Purpose, I enjoy seeing its Evolution. Also seeing My Evolution as a Writer. An Author. Blogger. Wellness Practitioner In Training. And Woman Ever-Evolving…

When I began this journey two years ago, I was doing so with the intent to change trajectories within my family. Per usual, putting others before MySelf. What I hadn’t anticipated were the depths I would be called to address from within. Essentially, the true way to HEAL the depths of the trajectories I was aiming to change, began with Me.

Still In Progress…

It's DEFINITELY A Process.

As Wellness-maintenance, I participated in the ‘Let’s Liberate Challenge’ with BWell Beautiful. There were many learnings. The day that invoked action was ‘Self-Love’. I was awakened to how I was not taking time to practice Self-Love. Following this session, Self-Love was the topic and emphasis everywhere I looked. With it so heavily in literally every Space I occupied, as such; I created an ‘I Love Me’ 7-Day Wellness Experience

Engaging in all of my Experiences, I was able to address much from this one. And the timing was perfect. Now knowing this is an area of focus, I have updated My ViZion Board & Written Plan to include demonstrating ActionZ of Love to MySelf throughout 2022.

I reached out to the participants of the Experience and received impactful and specific feedback. This week allowed them to carve out time to focus on ‘All ThingZ’ Them. Making time to Speak God’s Word over their life. Also, understanding that in order to Love Others, One must know what Being Loved feels like. And that begins with Self-Love.

From a personal stance, I will demonstrate ‘I Love Me’ ActionZ two times per month throughout 2022. I will also provide opportunities throughout 2022 to engage Women in making Their Wellness A Priority through a myriad of Experiences. Stay Tuned...

How will you practice ‘I Love Me’ ActionZ in 2022?

BE BOLD & Radical about Your Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul.






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