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When QueenZ RendeZvous & ReleaZe...


A Brand, A LifeStyle Focused on Intentionality & Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit, & Soul.



Mind, Body, Spirit, & Soul.

As Woman, Wife, Mother, Daughter & So Much More


Thee ReleaZe & Wine Book Signing Twilight RendeZvous was EPIC. I’d Planned for it. Prepared for it. Had an Amazing Team to aid in making it all happen. I am so Grateful for how ‘All ThingZ’ came together!

During the RendeZvous, we Centered, ReleaZed & Celebrated. And of course, I signed BookZ! A feeling I continue to process. ItZ an Accomplishment, that requireZ continued FocuZ & Attention; as the BEST is yet to come!!! #TheeLevelUpisReal

If You weren’t able to Join Us this go around, thatZ okay… Stay Tuned for additional ‘ExperienceZ…’ & ‘Dabble a Bit w/ Z. Lannette’ eventZ. However for now, Enjoy picZ from Thee Releaze….

ReleaZing Is A Wellness Practice... Take time Daily, Weekly & Monthly. As I continue to practice, I do so by Examining the WhyZ behind allowing ThingZ not for me, to Occupy time, Space, & use My Energy. As I've shared before, ItZ the Core Work for Me. Thee Evolution ContinueZ...

To hear more about ReleaZing & TipZ for working through Your ThingZ, get a copy of 'How I Survived Quarantine 2020...' on Amazon. And GUESS WHAT??? You can have a Copy immediately by way of Kindle. Yes!!! H.I.S. Q2020, is now in eBook via Kindle on Amazon.

Take time to Examine WhyZ. Most importantly, ReleaZe 'All ThingZ' not for You. Gentle Reminder...Examine every Space You Occupy.

Join me next month, I'll be Chatting It Up about My Space as DukeZ/Mom/Ma. Thee most complex Space I Occupy. Yes, even in the sacred Space of Motherhood, ReleaZing is Vital. Tune in next month to hear Why... ItZ Gonna BE Good!

Until September 27th...

Thee ReleaZe & BE Well,

~Dinky Rose


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