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Wellness Is A Queendom Thing...



A Brand & LifeStyle Focused on Intentionality & Wellness.

'Sharing 'All ThingZ' while Actively Engaging in a LifeStyle focused on

INTENTIONALITY & WELLNESS: Mind, Body, Spirit, & Soul.

As Woman, Wife, Mother/DukeZ, Daughter, Granddaughter, Niece, CouZin & More…



Just a Queen over here doing Queendom ThingZ... Like BEing Intentional about how I am Honoring 'All ThingZ' Me. Most importantly, doing so in Alignment & Flow. As I shared last month about My 'Blocked Throat Chakra'. Continued work in this Space, in conjunction with Alignment & Flow, is yielding ThingZ beyond what I could have ever imagined. Stay Tuned...

An Aligned & Authentically-Connected Collective Is A Powerful Force.' ~ Dinky Rose

This Journey of Actively Engaging in My Life. Connected to God (My Source). The Universe. Opening up My Mind to All that God Created. Essentially, Resources within this beautiful world He Made. And Predestined me for. Living with Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit, & Soul as My Physical & Mental gauge.

A LifeStyle of Wellness Centers Me. By BEing Still. Not allowing Busyness to consume me. Or even BE an Option. Leaning into My Intuition & Trusting It. Why? Because I Trust My Father. Yep! Still & Will Always BE A Daddy's Girl. My Relational Experience with HIM, connects me to Who. When. Where. I am supposed to BE.

Wellness also Reminds Me to Live by Narratives I Create. Not those of Others. Y’all this for me has allowed for much HEALING. ‘All ThingZ’ that cause ME angst, MUST BE ReleaZed.

After all, in this Human Experience called LIFE; we are ALL Intended for Specific Purposes & Times. And in the meantime & in-between times, God wants us to have a Journey filled with PEACE. LOVE. ABUNDANCE & All KindZ AMAZINGNESS…

That said, I have learned that to TRULY be Able to Embrace My Human Experience… Honoring My Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit, & Soul is PRIORITY.

How will YOU BE Intentional about Honoring Your Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul?

Until Next Month,

~Dinky Rose


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