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'Thee ReleaZe' Continued...

All ThingZ Dinky Rose

A Brand, A LifeStyle Focused on Intentionality & Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit, & Soul.



Mind, Body, Spirit, & Soul. As Woman, Wife, Mother, Daughter & so much more…’


Hey, Ever-Evolving Family!

Super excited about ThingZ happening in the SpaceZ I Occupy. This week Friday, I will be hosting 'Thee ReleaZe & Wine Book-Signing Twilight RendeZvous'. In conjunction with the event, I am facilitating a '7-DayZ Journaling Experience'; with the focus of ReleaZing 'All ThingZ' blocking you from Enjoying Your Best Life, with Intentionality as it pertainZ to Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit, & Soul.

As I've composed each PromptZ, I am doing so based upon my current LifeZ ExperienceZ. Specifically as I Practice Mindfulness, Thinking w/ Abundance, & Intentionality as it pertainZ to 'All ThingZ' Me. Yep....Still in SELF-Ish SeaZon! That said, as I Shared last month; ReleaZing is very necessary!!

So for this month, I am going to Share one of the PromptZ from the '7-DayZ Journaling Experience....Thee ReleaZe Edition.

To hear more about this Practice, and other Wellness TipZ & Journaling PromptZ; get your Copy of 'How I Survived Quarantine 2020' via

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