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BE SELF-Ish....

I recently concluded a 10- week ‘Journaling Experience: Thriving While Growing Up During Quarantine…' with StudentZ in Germany. For purposeZ of the Experience & my Brand, we focuZd on Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul. That said, not only did the StudentZ actively Engage & Grow; I Grew as well!

Below are some of the 'ThingZ' we established & Journaled about:

8 WayZ to Maintain Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul

BE Intentional by:

  1. Practicing R.E.S.T. (refer to week one)

  2. Utilizing its Principles (Relax, Exhale, Still & Thrive)

  3. Moving Daily

  4. Being Positive as it pertains to ‘All ThingZ’ & SituationZ

  5. Vibing w/ PlaylistZ

  6. Creating & Practicing Personal MantraZ

  7. Daily Mirror DOPENESS CheckZ (Make Eye-Contact w/ YourSelf!!)

  8. By completing ‘All ThingZ’ w/ Purpose, Persistence & Consistency

Additional NuggetZ 4 Thriving...

Wellness is Important: Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul. No matter the age.

Moving Daily is a MUST. No matter the age.

Being Positive AlwayZ, Makes a Difference. No matter the age.

Owning your DOPENESS is Very Necessary. No matter the age.

No Matter The Age; it is important to ‘Be Intentional... w/ Purpose, Persistence & Consistency. ~dinky rose

As I composed each ‘Weekly PromptZ’, I Prayed, Meditated, & thought about ‘ThingZ’ my younger self would have benefited from, & what I’m Working On to ensure my Future Self will Be Well: Mind, Body, Spirit, & Soul. That said, this was an opportunity to Share LearningZ. One that most ParentZ won’t tell their kidZ. And if they do, it’s in private; and not to be repeated. LBVS!

With that in mind, I told them to Be SELF-Ish!

Don’t Clutch PearlZ! Here me out…

Unlike Selfish, which meanZ lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure. SELF-Ish, is quite different.

SELF-Ish meanZ to take actionZ that are in line with ‘All ThingZ’ YOU. Ensuring your Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul maintainZ Balance; as you Journey every phase of Life ‘Ever-Evolving’. AlwayZ honoring what is important to You & Your Life’s Journey/Purpose. ~dinky rose

Now, as you read the definition of SELF-Ish. We should ALL Practice this Action... Right?! This is an area of Growth for Me. It is my nature to try do 'All ThingZ'. And I know, that is NOT Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul. As such, I ask myself the same thing I am asking of you EE Fam. What will you do to 'Be SELF-Ish'?

Today, Tomorrow, & Beyond; as you Ever-Evolve & Embrace Your Journey...

Write It Out & Hold YourSelf Accountable!


~Dinky Rose


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