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Moodiness Is My Magic...

‘Be The First To Put You 1st…In All Ways & Always.’ The Gentle Reminder I wrote above my stove circa 2019. A mantra that came to me when I PAUSED… because I was about to immerse myself in things outside of my Priorities… Goals… My Vision & Plans…

Acknowledging the signs and symbols. Like aches… Being easily irritated… Allowing others projections… Actions… Words to invoke a response of irritability.

Experiencing and immediately increasing Prayer, Meditation, Reiki… Engaging in a myriad of Self-Care Practices & Modalities. Why? Because My Best Self is Balanced. Allowing Flow… Not Seeking… Not Irritable…

My many moods throughout the day, particularly when I’m laboring; have the propensity to take me out! But, the beauty my the Moodiness is literally my Creative Process. And a trait I continue to learn to manage, and use for my good.

On Sunday, after cutting the grass… I sat on my front porch, looking up at a bird soaring high in the sky. Practicing Gratitude for God’s Creations. Breathing… Being in the Moment… I was in awe of His Work.

At that moment, I felt a bit snippy w. principled type situations… As I felt boundaries were being ignored and/or disregarded… And my value in relational spaces, not valued… Contemplation of what I was Mirroring… #moodyornah???

Eventually moving to positive Self-Talk….#mirrorwork Lil’ Zendalannette & I had a Moment… I was reminded of the commitment we recently made during Inner-Child Work in the EZ Container. Letters between my younger self & me. We committed to live life w. Agency. PERIOD.

The Realization and Understanding of my moodiness is a game-changer. Using my awareness… redirecting my thoughts, and my energy towards what will move me forward.

My Process… Redirecting My Energy and Focus Towards My Highest Good… As such Being Bolder… Living by My Human Design, and allowing Flow… Free of Control.

Protecting My P.E.A.C.E. is the ONLY OPTION!

‘Praying Everyday Accepting Change Effectively.’ ~Min.Natasha Brown

No longer Reacting…



And w. Bold Intentionality Responding by Human Design. That of which I shared before, may very well be silence; and/or distance.

I lean into ‘Be The First To Put You 1st… In All Ways & Always…’ to live Life w. Agency. This redirects me, back to me. So, instead of festering in the irritation. I allow the feelings. I make space in the moment, to reflect on what in my current space feels out of sorts.

This is the accountability piece. I will use my energy to move me forward. I indeed feel. And literally, experience a myriad of emotions… However, living life w. Agency is about being intentional about making time and space to address awareness. And to do so before energy is misappropriately allocated.

Not to mention allowing people to park their negative energy in my mind space. Throwing off my vibrational frequency. #NotReceiving

As I prepare to rock this 4th Quarter, in Life & Business… I am completely leaning into ‘The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz. I will Be Impeccable With My Words, I Won’t Take Anything Personally, I Won’t Make Assumptions, and I Will Always Do My Best.

Redirecting & Reteaching my thoughts… And leaning into Forgiveness… Often not being aware of its depths. Though I have hurt from my past. Reminding myself… Hurt People Hurt People. Being intentional about letting that ish’ go in a healthy manner. #RadicalForgivenessInProgress #Ho’Oponopono

As I prepare to leave for my Third Annual BWell’s Luxury Retreat today, I have been actively journaling, preparing for the traditional bonfire ReleaZe. Several topics for me are:

  1. Where do I have unforgiveness?

  2. What Shadow Parts Looming?

  3. What is jacking up my vibrational frequency?

  4. In what ways will I Self-Love/Care…In Life & Business: Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul?

The responses to questions 1-3, will be ReleaZed during the bonfire. Asé. And I will continue to ‘Be The First To Put Me 1st…In All Ways & Always. As I live My Unique Life w. Agency.

I offer you to lean into the journaling prompts above. If you would like additional practices, modalities, and prompts, Get your copy of ‘How I Survived Quarantine 2020…’ for step-by-step instructions and transformative ways to Let Go & ReleaZe what no longer serves you.

In Light & Love,

~Coach Z’


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