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MID-CYCLE… What used to be a task for me as a leader in corporate America, is now a time for me to check in on my Goals. I review my daily, weekly, and monthly accomplishments. All of the things moving me toward my Goals, Dreams & Desires… In Life & Business.

During the month of June, I review my effectiveness towards my Annual Vision, Plans & Goals. The key component of my MID-CYCLE is to PAUSE. Doing so ensures I am honoring My Human Design.

As a Manifesting Generator… I have to be intentional about staying on task & unabated in entrepreneurship. Honoring my Response because I understand & know the Power of My Words… My Actions…

Join me Friday, June 30th, 2023… (See flyer below.) for an Intimate Convo w. Women In Wellness, Group Reiki, Guided Self-Reiki, Meditation w. Journaling & More…

In the meantime, I invite you to lean into reviewing your 2023 Goals, Dreams & your heart's deepest Desires.

Here are a couple of things to aid you during your MID-CYCLE REVIEW

  1. Am I meeting or exceeding what I set out for this year?

    1. Write out what you’ve done to meet your daily, weekly & monthly goals. Do so for each of your goals.

  2. Am I pleased w. where I am? If not, what will I do to move myself forward?


In Light & Love,

~Coach Z’


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