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Let’s Get This Win & Raise Funds for Breast Cancer Awareness

In the vibrant tapestry of human kindness, there are moments when seemingly small actions ripple into waves of impact. Today, I extend a heartfelt invitation for you to be a part of such a transformative moment, where your vote transcends the boundaries of mere competition to become a powerful beacon of support.

Honoring Detria “Tru Diva” Maddox: A Personal Journey

Join me, Zendalannette Thomas, as I embark on this journey with a purpose close to my heart. This is more than a competition—it's a tribute to my late Aunt, Detria “Tru Diva” Maddox, who bravely fought her battle with Breast Cancer until April 9, 2009. In her memory, I am not only vying for victory but dedicating my efforts to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer.

Buckle Up for a Journey of Thrills and Purpose

Together, let's embark on a remarkable journey that seamlessly blends the thrill of competition with the profound purpose of making a difference. Strap in for a ride where every vote and donation isn't just a number on a scoreboard but a testament to our collective commitment to a world free from the clutches of breast cancer.

Your Support, Your Impact: Check Out My Page, Donate, and Vote

I invite you to explore my dedicated page, where you can learn more about my journey, the cause, and the impact we aim to create. Your support matters and there are two significant ways you can make a difference: by donating and casting your vote. Visit to be a part of this impactful mission.

Let’s Get This Win! — Most Importantly, Let’s Raise Funds for Breast Cancer Awareness

Together, we can champion the cause and secure a victory not just in the competition but in the fight against breast cancer. Join me as we strive for success, but most importantly, let's rally together to raise funds for breast cancer awareness. Your contribution, no matter how small, can be a beacon of hope for those currently fighting this battle.

In closing, I express my deepest gratitude for considering this heartfelt invitation. Your support is not just for me as a contestant but for the countless individuals affected by breast cancer. Together, let's ride these waves of impact and create a future where the victory against breast cancer is not just a possibility but a reality. Let’s get this win for Detria “Tru Diva” Maddox and for every life touched by the challenges of breast cancer.

*The first cut is on October 19th at 7PM PDT

In Loving Memory


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