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Dinky Rose's Affirm-a-flectionZ

As I self-reflect, I am making a point to stop putting unnecessary and unrealistic expectations on myself. I am making a point to get my shit together!

How am I doing this?

First thing, is to stop giving a damn about what others think of me and stop doing what others want me to do, as opposed to what I want to do. Second, I will stop allowing fear to stop me from staying outside of my metaphoric box. I've allowed the insecurities of others when I walk in a room. Make me doubt myself. continue to always look good when I enter a space.

There was a time I loathed walking into a room of strangers, or any room for that matter. But hell, entering a space previously occupied by others is shit you just have to do. I’ve often found the insecurities of others is what those folks in the space throw your way. As my kid would say, ‘They are throwing shade.”

Ladies, let’s get it together!! No more side eyes, eye rolls, up-down looks and the phony ‘Hey” even though you have a stink face on. To the ladies receiving the above when entering a room, in your heads; with a beautiful smile on your face. Wave and in your head say “Fuck you bitch (es)”. Be sure to make eye contact when smiling and waving! Lbsvs!

As women, we can walk in with the appearance of having it all together. However, on the inside we could be completely broken. How about in a more general sense of just being a mean and ugly person on the inside. Why do we give this type of energy the time of day?

What if as women, we worked on ensuring we are each Mentally, Physically, Spiritually Beautiful and Well? I guarantee if we all worked on self- first, we wouldn’t have a second to roll our eyes or side eye anyone.

Repeat after me:

“I will be beautiful inside and out. I will affirm my fellow sister(s). I will live my life as though I were a Brand. I, (fill in your name) am a brand, and a lifestyle. I will create my best life and manage all spaces I enter. I will only surround myself with people that are for me. God's got me, I got my Tribe and I know 'All ThingsZ' are working together for my good!”

A woman from humble beginnings that finally heard and listened to God about leaving the normal, and creating her best life. From t-shirts and jeans, stretch pants and an oversized shirt; to a nice dress to a ball gown.

Let’s always shine ladies.

You create your life’s masterpiece.

And remember, be good on the inside and outside.

Nobody wants to be around a pretty ugly person.

There are OPPORTUNITIES for EVERYONE. So LIFT her up Sis... ~Dinky Rose


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