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Dinky Rose ChatZ: It's Been One Year...LetZ Celebrate & MADE

Hey Ever-Evolving Fam,

Happy 27th! Not only is it the 27th, but it is also the one-year anniversary of launching

Ever-Evolving w/ Dinky Rose...She Blogs!!!’

I am pretty stoked about this accomplishment! ~dinkyrose

During the past year, I posted RantZ, ChatZ, ShareZ; All ThingZ on a myriad of topicZ. In many instances. Filled with much passion. Fam, thanks for rolling with me through this Journey of Ever-Evolving. With this space, it is my hope, prayer, and intent that at some point along this juncture, a nugget or two will be; or has been something to catapult you into the direction of your respective life’s Path Purpose. Through the Journaling PromptZ, may they have initiated a healthy Release of ‘All ThingZ’ in your way. In doing so, allowing room for ‘All ThingZ’ intended for you.

I’ve Evolved into a Space that allows me to discern nuggets from those Intended for my Journey. Versus those intended to do harm and deter me from Walking in my Purpose. Yes, Fam...I believe that. My experience in this area, unfortunately, could be a book. I’ll Chat more about this at a later date...I Promise!

The nuggetZ, from Tribe MemberZ (Tribee/TribeeZ) ‘your people’ if you will; could very well be what you need at any given moment. Y’All, Alignment is so REAL. Simply because I have MADE and commitment to my Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirt & Soul. In doing so, I learned in 2020, that when I Pray. Relax. Exhale. Still. Trust & Believe. My Being has been a Space of Fertility. Ripe and Ready for what God has for me. Acknowledging that the way ‘ThingZ’ happen, come to you; will come to fruition in wayZ you would not have imagined.

This Ever-Evolving Experience is Amazing.... Far from easy, yet still Amazing!

Speaking of ‘Ever-Evolving’... I have finally been able to articulate what this means. As I commenced this Life-Style, I didn’t have the clarity I now have.

Am I Done?

Absolutely NOT!!!

Ever-Evolving per Dinky Rose, is:

  • Acknowledging where you desire to Grow

  • Who you desire to be and are Striving to Become & articulating what that

looks like for each Space

  • Understanding that ALL aren’t intended to be a part of your every Season

  • Aligning w/ those Purposed for Your Life’s Path

  • Understanding where you are, where others may be; and acknowledging those Spaces could likely be vastly different

  • Writing Out How You Can & Will Accomplish ‘All ThingZ’ You

  • Communicating with Authenticity in All Spaces Occupied

  • Speaking ‘All ThingZ’ You into Being

Manifesting ‘All ThingZ’ ; w/ the Intent of Receiving what is Intended!
~Dinky Rose

I Pray that something at some point has resonated with you. Made you laugh. Made you cry. Made you Write It Out. Made you Pray it Out. Made you want to Level-Up. Made you approach a situation differently- in one of the many Spaces you Occupy...

As I celebrate this milestone, I am GRATEFUL to have each of you as a Subscriber. I look forward to continuing this ‘Ever-Evolving’ Journey, and sharing ‘All ThingZ’ along the way. Full disclosure, Blogging this year has been therapeutic. Fun. Rewarding. Enriching. Releasing & so much more.


Last month I shared my quote, ‘2020, the year that ‘Staying Ready’ was the Only option. As I continue to work through my evolution during 2020, I come to the realization that the experiences I endured ‘MADE’ me.

Made, past tense of Make. Meaning to form something by putting together or combining substances; construct; create.

MADE per Dinky Rose: to form ThingZ and/or be formed by said ThingZ. Seeing past oneself, while honoring who you are, whom God designed you to be; and honoring your Life’s Purpose Path. ~Dinky Rose

Join me next month, as I share the LaughZ, LearningZ, TearZ & More...

'All ThingZ' that MADE me in 2020. The race is not given to the swift, but to those who endure...’ Hear about how I endured, and continue to; while 'Ever-Evolving' in the core Spaces I Occupy.

Until then, think about what you endured in 2020. What did you glean from the situation? Did you wallow in it? Or did you learn from it? If you haven’t had time to think about, that is the first step. Once you’ve done that, reflect on the questions above.

Find a Quiet Space (VibeZ Matter), grab your Journal, favorite pen, a cup of tea/glass of wine/glass of water (your preference)

& a candle.

This time is about 'All ThingZ' YOU!

Make Journaling an Experience each time.


~Dinky Rose


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