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Dinky Rose ChatZ: 'All ThingZ' 2020

Greetings Ever-Evolving Fam!

I pray each of you is Safe & Healthy, Practicing Social Distancing & Wearing a Mask.

ItZ That Time Of The Month...the 27th!!

‘Ever- Evolving w/ Dinky Rose..She Blogs!!

Happy 2021 EE Fam!!

Another year To Make ThingZ Happen…

Ever-Evolving Fam, can you believe we’ve been on this Journey together for almost

one-year, next month. With January being the month

‘All ThingZ Dinky Rose…’ was Birthed!

January 22, 2020, to be exact. I wrote it in my Journal & in the margin of my Bible.

Having been able to stay committed to my Brand is extremely important for me. The days & weeks leading up to the 27th each month became stressful; then I created processes to keep me on task. When I began to self-sabotage, I stayed Mindful of my Path; and the desire to Boldly Walk in My Purpose. And to be BOLD in pursuit of my GoalZ.

God continued to do His part, so it was unacceptable

for me to ask, receive the opportunities; and not put in the work!!#SelfAccountability

Happy One-Year Anniversary to 'All ThingZ Dinky Rose'! Yay!!

Write it down, Make a Plan, Hold yourself Accountable & Make ThingZ Happen. ~DinkyRose

ReflectionZ, ShareZ & LearningZ

2020, A year from my perspective; like no other!

So many ThingZ happened: Racial Tensions reminiscent of the Civil Rights Movement Era. Black Lives continuously taken, as though for sport. A political climate that continuously incited hate and encouraged White Supremacy.

An unraveling of Hatred towards Black People that was suppressed. Yet, permeated the bowels of every system in America. ‘400+ Year Ago Mind-sets’ evoked due to the country’s leadership & actions; or lack thereof.

Laws and Policies applied to clear instances of Police Brutality. However, Tried against statutes written during a time that utilized these same Laws, Policies, and Statutes to further suppress Black People. Simply due to narratives created by our Oppressor. In turn, fueling the fire of white supremacy, and minimizing the Black Life-Times reminiscent of my Foremothers and Forefathers.

Domestic Terrorists, with smiles on their faces, and weaponry beyond measure; destroying property, hunting people... If you didn’t see it, watch it. Observe how privilege allowed these Terrorists to not get tear-gassed, shot with rubber bullets, pushed around by officers in Riot-Gear, and/or killed.

Watch clips of the Black Lives Matter Protest, for perspective. Just Sayin…

Regular ChatZ with my Black Son about Racial MatterZ. Gauging to ensure it isn't too often; yet often enough to make sure he's aware. Not having these ChatZ, could be a matter of Life or Death. Too many could add additional stress.

It’s a very fine BALANCE & a Hell of a Stress!

With myriad of 'ThingZ' going on in the world & being effective in the spaces I occupy, 2020 stayed coming for me. There were times when I felt 'ThingZ' were okay, then all of sudden a Left-Jab, then right... Then there were other times, I was in steady motion of Bobbing and Weaving. Trying to miss the other JabZ coming.

Sometimes I literally Cried Out to God. Arms stretched, hands up, head bowed; and tears flowing. As I continue to be molded, I made time to commune with HIM. And yes, this is what I will continue to do in 2021; and BEYOND! #StillWill #LearningToTarry


If I had to create a phrase for 2020, it would be:

'2020, The year that 'Staying Ready' was the ONLY Option'.

'Staying Ready' for me was about my Spiritual Space. Having Quiet Time. Communing. Sacrificing.

As I journeyed 2020, I was often physically broken by way of my Spirit. In those instances, stopping to Pray followed by Journaling through my thoughts, feelings, and emotions; lead me to seek God's Word. As I read scriptures, my thoughts, responses, attitude, everything... 'Evolved'. #Thankful

This Wellness Thing is Real! It takes Focus, Commitment, Self-Accountability, Self-Awareness, & Boldness. Being BOLD enough to put your WELLNESS before Others & ThingZ. Maintaining & Nurturing RelationshipZ that add value to your Life's Purpose.

An Space of Growth for me in 2021 & beyond, is acknowledging and celebrating WinZ. Though 2020 was a Beast, I had AMAZING WinZ! I'm looking forward to sharing some of them during 'Ever-Evolving w/ Dinky Rose...She Blogs!!'s' One-Year Anniversary Post next month. Super Excited!!

As I close out this month, enjoy another 'Journal Experience':

Until Next Time, Be Well!

~Dinky Rose

'When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need. -Tao Te Ching


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