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Dinky Rose ChatZ: HolidayZ Ever-Evolving & Being Thankful

Going from Large Maddox Family HolidayZ, then in early-marriage going to still my family’s holiday gatherings. As we began our family with the birth of our first child together. We continued to celebrate with my family. The meeting spot was likely at my Mom’s. So, I was not missing a holiday with my Mom. #PreEver-Evolving

I was married with a child of my own. However, Hubbs firstborn had to be in their hometown for the holidays during a certain span of time. This meant he’d have to get her situated in Flint, then get to where our oldest and I were. And yep, that meant more time on the road for him. Even when my step-daughter spent the HolidayZ at home, she too was with my family; at my Mom's.

The first 10 years of my Marriage, HolidayZ were a point of contention or full of complete Holiday Bliss. And yes, I specified the first ten yearsso serious! Y'all, it was so tumultuous we missed a year! Hubbs and I can laugh about it now. Marriage is not for the faint of heart. #Posts2Come

Ever-Evolving Fam, we’ll CHAT & I'll SHARE about this more at another time!

So Back to My HolidayZ...

HolidayZ changed for Hubbs’ and I as the kids got older. There were times we just didn’t want to travel and didn’t. Then we went through a phase of celebrating our HolidayZ at home. Once my Mom moved to Florida, the kids traveled there for Thanksgiving and Christmas- annually. Hubbs and I traveled with them a couple of times and had a ball! However, through the evolution of our Marriage and the importance to us to keep it Spicy & Fun. The HolidayZ, became a time for US! This occurred through my Daughter's first year of college. The only thing was, our son decided he wanted to start spending HolidayZ at home. Hubbs and I kept the focus on US. We just put a tie on the door.

And yes, we explained what that meant!

YES...we explained what that meant!

Moms & Dads need LOVE too!

HolidayZ 'Ever-Evolving'...

Through the years, HolidayZ have definitely 'Ever-Evolved'. As an only child, I miss seeing my Cousins, Aunts, etc... This Holiday Season is definitely a first I didn’t expect this soon. For the first time my Sweat Pea will remain at her place, my Mom in Naples and Hubbs; my Son and I at home.

That large family gathering, not this year. Grandma’s Cornbread Dressing will be made in multiple locations due to the Pandemic.

Traveling to Naples? Not this year.

Gathering at all? Not this year.

As my Son would say, “That’s Tough!” Not having my Daughter home for a Holiday is Tough!! Through my holidayZ ‘Ever-Evolving, a Pandemic is not something I would have ever thought about. That said, how am I going to make the best of this Holiday Season? What ever will I do?

This year, will include virtual cooking, Arts & Crafts over Zoom; as well as Zoom just to spend time together as a family. We'll continue to 'Ever-Evolve' & I WILL be creative and have Virtual Fun for Thanksgiving; with the prayer that most will comply. As well as remaining PRAYERFUL that we’ll be able to safely gather for the remaining HolidayZ of this season.

Even in the midst of ThingZ, I AM STILL THANKFUL!

~Dinky Rose

Yes, 2020 has been a year literally like no other!! Literally, NEVER in my life have I experienced ThingZ, at the levels for which I currently am. In a number of Spaces I occupy, I might add! 🤷🏽‍♀️

That said, I can honestly say that 2020 is the only time thus far in my life; I would have been able to handle it. And Thrive is some Spaces! Years prior, I’m not sure if I would have made it. My Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul were depleted, deprived, and very much imbalanced & unhealthy. Gotta be honest with yourself to truly GROW!

My Mind stayed running a million miles a minute, an Anxiety Attack could hit at any moment. I was living for everybody (except Me!). My Body was well beyond its Healthy size. Weak from lack of movement. My Spirit was weak because I didn’t make time for My Father & I. Not to mention, I was not connected to a Spiritual Teacher or Tithing. My Soul was not being cared for through Quiet Time, Prayer & I had stopped Journaling, which ALWAYZ helps me Release ‘All ThingZ’.

Circa 2016, I began embracing the fact that I was ‘Ever-Evolving’ & that is most definitely okay! Additionally, after God I put myself FIRST. By doing this, I’m a BETTER ME; Wife, Mother, Daughter & more.

So as I assess 2020, I am THANKFUL for many ThingZ; and will share one. For the year of 2020, I am THANKFUL for maintaining a Balanced Healthy Space: Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul.

What are you THANKFUL for? Though the year has been unprecedented, what are you appreciative of? Even if it’s something only you know. How are you Thriving? If you're not, what do you need to do, to do so? You Got This!!! During your Quiet Time, and assess 2020 #AllThingZYOU.

Grab your Journal, Beverage of choice, a 🖊 , a Candle & a Quiet spot. With eyes Closed, Inhale & Exhale. Open your eyes, Take a Sip & Let It Flow…. Happy Journaling!!!


~Dinky Rose


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