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Chapter 47 Assessment & My Birthday Gifts To Me, MySelf & I...



All ThingZ Dinky Rose

"A Brand & LifeStyle Centered in Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul. Providing Tools, Resources, Self-Care Modalities; & More. ReleaZing the Power from within."


As I commence Chapter 48, I am reminded of the importance of assessing Chapter 47. What did I learn?

How have I grown?

What spaces need additional cultivation and attention? etc...

And, No…I’m not referring to as Mom, Wife, Etc. Or Work vs- Home.

I’m speaking from a space of Me, MySelf, & I… More specifically, My Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul.

During Chapter 47, I stood Boldly in My Essence. Acknowledging and managing every aspect of MySelf. Encountering the Ebbs & Flows. The Highs & Lows, not to mention the duration of time in metaphoric valleys. A space prior to Minding My Wellness, I’m quite sure I would not have survived.


Hear more in my second book, “Healing, Evolving, ReleaZing: Me, MySelf & I”. Pre-Orders will begin next month, with a June 2022 Release. Finishing this project was a Birthday Gift to MySelf!

Healing, Evolving, ReleaZing: Me, MySelf & I

by: Z.Lannette

Getting Back to Me by remaining Intentional & Bold about ‘All ThingZ Me’, has made room and ignited a Passion, Purpose & Power from within. Also creating space for me to begin to build the life I desire. One for who I am now, and for whom I am BEcoming.

One of my desires on this Journey has been to have the confidence to build my own business and brand. A Brand that represents the woman God Purposed Me to Be and BEcome. #Ever-Evolving As well as having a career I loved.

In 2020, I birthed All ThingZ Dinky Rose and began Blogging… I published my first book, “How I Survived Quarantine 2020…” which cultivated my confidence. Continuing to write of course. I knew I was more than an author. Being placed in a box is definitely triggering.

So now what?

"Put Pain into Action..."~D. West

I leaned into understanding, valuing, and utilizing My Gifts & Experiences to build a Business that would have been an immense Resource in my 20s to Date.

Seriously, All those phases.

Chapter 47 entailed one constant and common denominator; Me, MySelf & I. Having Centered in Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul. Using the past as learnings, and being intentional about releasing any and all things not serving me. The Magic from within began to happen...

Truly having no regrets, allows me to utilize my Energy & Efforts toward Creating the Life I Desire. For MySelf & My Legacy. As well as to make a difference in the lives of others.

As such, I would like to bring attention to the Official Launch


Thomas Rose Consulting (TRConsulting)

Aligning w/ Clients to address barriers preventing upward movement, in Life and Business. Specializing in Co-Created & Curated Transformational Wellness-Focused Experiences.

Igniting the Desire to put Self First.

I am elated for what will come of Thomas Rose Consulting.

In the meantime, check out some of our Experiences:

Contact us today for your

1-Hour Consultation $125.00

(Cost goes toward the total cost of Experience.)

'Where Wellness is a LifeStyle.'

Stay connected with TRConsulting

via IG & FB.

On this 48th Birthday, I am the Best Version of MySelf. Continuing to dig into My Liberation, and Awaken My Intuition; as I maintain, cultivate and reach Higher Vibrational Frequencies.

I will continue to put ME First.

I offer you to lean into making Your Wellness the Priority for 30 Days. To aid in different ways of Self-Care, get a copy of "How I Survived Quarantine 2020..." on Amazon. The Practices & PromptZ are what I used to begin my Wellness Journey in March of 2017. Chat with me on socials as you try it out. Use the hashtag #WellnessinAction22.

Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul are ALL Connected.

I began Wellness-Work by scheduling time to cultivate my relational

experience with God.

Doing so cleared blockages, allowing me to Seek...


And experience things come to fruition...

Doing so with Bold Intentionality about maintaining My P.E.A.C.E.; and remaining

Centered in Wellness.

"Praying Everyday Accepting Change Effectively."

~Missionary Natasha Brown

Cheers to Chapter 48!!!

My Focus & BIG Intention is Bold, Bold...

That said, I'm Ready...

Sending Light & Love,



Thomas Rose Consulting



P.O. Box 20123

Kalamazoo, MI 49019


Instagram: @z_lannette & @trconsultingiswellness
Spotify: All VibeZ Dinky Rose Facebook: @TRConsutlingIsWellness


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