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Authenticity, Human Design, New Experiences, A Virtual Event & Fab Over 40...

Unveiling My Authentic Self... In the labyrinth of life, sometimes, we find ourselves navigating through the twists and turns, trying to reconcile who we are with the roles society expects us to play. For me, the journey into my Human Design and Gene Keys became a transformative odyssey, a key to unlocking the door to my authentic self.

Unraveling the Domestication:

Delving into the depths of my Human Design and Gene Keys allowed me to unearth a profound realization - I had allowed myself to be domesticated, to shrink. The echoes of this realization reverberate through my past experiences, especially during my corporate America days.

I vividly recall my first leadership meeting, a crucible where I was advised to stay silent and observe. I was deemed 'too green,' an unsolicited advice that tried to stifle the potential within me. I resisted, asserting my voice against the attempt to shrink me into conformity.

These incidents, unfortunately, were not isolated. They marked a pattern of suppression, a journey away from my authentic self. But here I stand, liberated and empowered, proclaiming, "#NoMore."

Reconnecting with My Roots:

A recent reunion with a long-lost cousin provided a poignant moment of reflection. As we sifted through memories and photographs, his words struck a chord. He described me as someone who observed, spoke when necessary, and always stood up for myself—a stark contrast to the person I had become.

This revelation echoed the essence of my Human Design, a blueprint that I had strayed from until recent years. The intentional work I undertook to reclaim my agency became a vital catalyst for healing, evolving, and releasing. My life mantra, "Be The First To Put Your 1st...In All Ways," became a guiding light on this journey.

The Power of Authenticity:

Functioning in alignment with my Human Design isn't just a personal choice; it's a form of self-imposed expansion. It's breaking free from the shackles of societal expectations and embracing authenticity.

It's Lil’ Z…Quiet, standing in her innate power, speaking when necessary, observing, and always aware—a profound transformation that required intentional inner-child work.

Honoring myself became the gateway to abundance, joy, and prosperity. As Zendalannette, I choose to align with the abundance that comes from living authentically.

A Call to Authenticity:

If you find resonance in my journey, perhaps it's time for you to explore your Human Design. Transformational Coach Erika Brown played a pivotal role in my journey, and I recommend reaching out to her for a Human Design Report.

May this narrative be a beacon for those navigating their own path to Authenticity. As I sign off with light & love, let's honor the divine design that makes each of us unique.

May light guide your journey, allowing you to both give and receive love abundantly.

In Light & Love,

~Coach Z’

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In The Journey Towards A Brighter Future and a healthier community, moments of celebration become invaluable. Today, I am filled with gratitude as I extend my heartfelt thanks to all who have generously donated and cast their votes.

Engaging in the democratic process of voting, sharing the cause within both personal and professional networks, and actively contributing to the fundraising efforts for the National Breast Cancer Foundation constitute a remarkable initiative. This collective effort is not just about a competition; it is about championing a cause that resonates deeply with our shared humanity.

Breast cancer awareness is not only a month-long campaign but a year-round commitment. By participating in this initiative, we become active contributors to programs like Beyond The Shock, the Patient Navigator Program (NBCF), and the National Mammogram Program. These initiatives are instrumental in providing support, guidance, and resources to those affected by breast cancer.

As we continue to navigate the competition, I am optimistic that our collective support will not only propel us towards victory but, more importantly, contribute to the greater cause of breast cancer awareness and research. The seeds we plant today will undoubtedly blossom into a brighter and healthier future for many.

Let us cherish these moments of celebration as an essential aspect of self-care, recognizing that our combined efforts are making a significant impact. The journey is ongoing, and with each vote and donation, we are moving one step closer to a world without breast cancer.

Thank you for being an integral part of this meaningful journey. Here's to continued success, unwavering support, and the collective strength that arises from a community committed to positive change.

Our Next Goal: TOP 10!!! The deadline is November 2nd at 7 PM PDT.

Every single Daily Vote counts, so let’s keep this momentum rolling.

Much Gratitude,

~Zendalannette (~Coach Z)

*Free Daily Voting (Every 24 Hours)
*When Voting… You will be asked to Verify via FB or a CC. You Do Not have to donate. This step is to confirm the Voter is an actual person.


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