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'The Container...' & 'Reiki Me..."

I’ve had the opportunity to participate in sacred spaces similar to The Container... EB and I both know the importance of this work (Self-Love/Care) and more so how impactful it is for women of all ages. That said, in this season... and for this Experience, we are aligning with women, ages 21-29.

Check out a brief message from Erika B., My Soul Sister….

“My Soul Sister & I met a few years ago and it was not connection at first sight. We connected with time. We built a foundation and we discovered that our connection was divine💫 We both have a passion for serving women. We both have a passion for empowering women. We both have a passion for providing tools to navigate through life with. We both have a vision of seeing women walk in their purpose and so we co-created, “The Container”. We have been cultivating safe and sacred space for women to “be”…be themselves, be held, be seen, be heard, and be in community.”

~Erika Brown, Bloom In Word

More than a course, more than a program. This is an Experience.

An opportunity for Bold, Intentional & Radical Self-Care & Self-Discovery.

What if you spent the next 6 months in a community with like-minded women?

How would you evolve in a space intentionally cultivated for your growth?

Are you tired of doing the same thing, and getting the same results?

If you answered yes, are you ready to do something different, to get something different?

Invest in yourself… $111.00 for The Container…

That’s $18.50 per month (April - Sept.)

You ARE So Worth It!!! #HeartChakra

Enjoy videos from the 'Reiki Me...' w. Zendalannette 'Live' Experience

hosted by TRC, on our IG.

Sending Immense Light & Love...


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