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Privileged Circumstances The Brand

Tiffany Lake, a Shoe Lover since the age of 4; and ever since I’ve known her, she’s always Loved and Rocked uniquely designed and Classic Footwear.

And yes, since the age of 4!!! LBVS!!

Fast forward to the summer of 2006, Tiffany birthed Privileged Circumstances Footwear. She was a Trailblazer in the Detroit Area with Luxury Shoe Pop-Ups, well before they were popular.

As she ‘Ever-Evolves’ so does her Brand. Today, Tiffany is the Creative and Owner of a private line with Alive Shoes made in Italy.

Privileged Circumstances The Brand’' is where I found my Golden Beauties, ‘Pretty Miss’:

The most comfortable heel I've worn! 'Pretty Miss' comfortably embraced my feet, Baby-Toe issues and all.” ~Dinky Rose

Get your pair and/or shop other styles @pcbthebrand.


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