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Feeling Is Expansive...

"We Each Have Our Own Path. Embrace It... Celebrate It... Be Intentional w. It... And Curate, Create & Co-Create All Of The Things...YOU." ~Coach Z'

Showing up for myself has been emotional, expansive, encouraging… And is providing opportunities to heal, cultivate and intentionally nurture my inner child.

I’ve been asked by family members, ‘Why are you feeling and remembering so much?” “ You’ve had a good life, so what’s really going on?”

During my initial phases of Evolving, I couldn’t quite articulate the why. However, asking questions, feeling, and unpacking was very much the starting point needed. Particularly for the level of deep-rooted Ish, I’d address.

Self-Care/Love for me includes resolving and embracing the ails of sort tied to my subconscious. Chipping away at my confidence… My in-ability to heal deeply… Not to mention being on auto-pilot as I shared in my second book, “Healing, Evolving & ReleaZing: Me, MySelf & I”. Doing all of the things, except for caring for myself…

The greatest to come from seeing myself for the first time has been embracing the many parts of me. Celebrating & Being Intentional about being the first to put me 1st… In All Ways & Always; as such, I am able to have authentic & trauma-triggered free relationships.

As a Wife, I show up from a feminine space. Leading w. Love and Truth. Using my words to cultivate as opposed to allowing ego to show up… And my words being a sword of malice, and not of protection & love.

In my space as Mother, I am able to accept the boundaries of my children. Support them as they need, while co-creating and cultivating relationships honoring our respective essence… And guiding and engaging w. Love & Truth, free of controlling every aspect of their lives.

As a Daughter, I am curating and co-creating a relationship with my Mom. Seeing her as a woman, also having a human experience. Without the responsibility of having to care for her child.

Now in a relational space where we laugh, cry, and share dreams and goals. Supporting one another through affirmation and prayer. Being able to be our authentic selves… Flaws & All, w. Spoken and UnSpoken sentiments of unconditional love. And most definitely support!!!

In this space, as a daughter. I look forward to spoiling the heck out of my Mom. We will literally be in our Golden Years Together having a Blast… #Manifesting

Being The First To Put Me 1st… In All Ways & Always, yields the best version of Zendalannette Rose (Maddox) Thomas.

So now, when I’m asked ‘Why are you feeling…?’ I am able to share…

“...feeling is a part of Healing. ReleaZing that energy makes room for intentional evolution. And healing so deep, your entire life is transformed…#Expansive”

Join me beginning in June for 2023’s Summer of Self-Care Series. TRC will be offering Virtual & In-Person Experiences, Journaling Experiences directly to your inbox & More… All focused on You, ‘Being The First To Put You 1st… In All Ways & Always.

Stay Tuned!!!

In the meantime, check out both of my books and begin your personal Journey of Healing, Evolving & ReleaZing. And… I invite you to Lean Into Feeling

In Light & Love,

~Coach Z’


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