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Dinky Rose RantZ... FriendZ

For so many years I talked about not needing friendZ. As I continued to 'Ever-Evolve', I owned that this is what I told myself because I had been hurt by an old friendship or two. That said, I first acknowledged the fact that I am a good friend. Weathering bad relationships can be tough, and cause trust issues.

The old saying, "To have Friend, You have to be a Friend". Unfortunately, many females from a young age, are taught that other women are always the competition These girls turn in to women that don't know how to be a 'Friend'. Seriously!

Ladies, we need one another- Point blank and Period!!

The reality is, as women we need other women- older, younger and in between.

We need to hear the whoaZ… We need to share our whoaZ!

We need to hear the joyZ… We need to share our joyZ!

We need to hear about the painZ... We need to share our painZ!

We need to share with each other so we can positively influence one another as we 'Ever-Evolve" & Strive to be GREATER.

Really when you talk about Friendship, you’re talking about your Tribe. The women that are going to be down with you, for you, about you, ups and downs; through all of life’s phases.

Remember, we're setting the tone and being the example for the Tribes to come!


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