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Dinky Rose ChatZ: Liberating & Faith

I recently had a meeting with a Professional Coach that I've been working with for almost a year. Our first meeting took place months prior to the closing of my office's location. We had bi-weekly meetings about my future. These calls involved conversations about my skill sets, civic and philanthropic actives/engagement, Leadership, and more. These meetings also included the question, "So Zenda, what do you want to do after August 30, 2020?" No mo matter the meeting, and no matter who asked. I responded with "I'm walking in Faith. That said, I will do something I am passionate about and will fulfill my life's Purpose." Literally, every time! Word for word. And I meant every word of it! I had a sense of peace each time I responded with these words. My Mantra of a response if you will. LOL! I didn't quite understand at the time.

As we chatted, she asked what I'd been up to. She of course inquired about my job search. Of course I had to honest. In the past 6 months I hadn't been looking for a job. Crazy right?! She knew that. Heck, we hadn't spoken for about three or so months!! My Coach probably thought I was so busy working that new job, I couldn't reach out! As usual, with no judgment; she simply wanted to know what I'd been up to.

Anyway, as I responded about what I've been up to. I shared how I've been working on a BLOG, that I launched in February of 2020. Additionally, I have been writing a ton. HOlding Journaling Experiences to share my passion for writing to release & manifest the life you want. Training in the political arena, specifically for the Democratic Party. During our chat I also shared my focus of reconnecting and making my Spirituality a PRIORITY. In doing so, allowing me to truly align and focus on 'All ThingZ Me'. Yep...Me!

As we continued our conversation, my Coach listened attentively; also sharing ways the program can assist me. With a bit of laughter, and a smile in her voice. She said "Zenda, we've been talking for almost a year. I have to say, this is the happiest I've heard you. Your energy and passion. I can feel it!" Those words meant a lot to me! Not because someone was validating me.

I was encouraged by those words because I am a testament to walking in FAITH. Further, doing what is commanded of me through His Word. And adhering /discerning doors that are for me to walk through and learn from. Or commence to walk through and, abruptly I come to a halt. That said, absorbing and applying 'All ThingZ gained; positive and negative. #therezaLessoninAllThingZ

So, as I continue to unpack my feelingz, I further assess 'encouraged' to be 'Liberating'. Yeah, that's it!! My Coach's words were 'Liberating'!!!

What brought me to this place?

Through my professional career, no matter how well I performed. My final results were based on someone else's opinion of me. Not necessarily the work. As that career ended, my performance was just lumped into a group and I was there no more. Leading up to this point, I knew my next career would be Purposed driven. Additionally, because I was walking in FAITH and trusted His Plan for my life with this decision; 'All ThingZ...'are going to work out for my Good. #mustardseed

Am I full throttle in my new career? Not quite... However, I am 'Ever-Evolving' in 'All ThingZ...'. As my Son says, 'Let IT Speak for itself...". Stay tuned! #PlanInProgress

Journaling Prompt:

Get your journal, favorite pen, a cup of tea/glass of wine/glass of water (your preference) and a candle.

Make Journaling an Experience each time!!

What is your 'IT"? Write your Plan. Pray and meditate on your 'IT'. Make 'All ThingZ in your life Happen as you too 'Ever-Evolve'.

Happy Journaling


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