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Dinky Rose ChatZ: BOSS UP & VOTE

After days of starting draft after draft of what would be my main post. I’d feel rage, sadness, hurt, an unexplainable space of confusion; and irritation with the level of HATE spewing. Then I’d feel a sense of HOPE. For all the Black Men & Women that fought and paved the way for me, and all their Allies; Women & Men from other ethnic backgrounds. The TORCH has been passed & It was time for me to truly Boss Up and do my part!! Not doing so, isn't an option!!

Sitting at my desk scrolling for a movie to have on as I work to meet my deadline...YIKES!! Still pondering, I scroll through Hulu, and go to ‘MOVIES FOR YOU’. Doing so as my mind races. Mouse in my right hand, clicking the arrow to view more options. Yay! One of my Favs, ‘The Secret Life of Bees’. Initially, not thinking about the era for which the movie takes place. Really just thinking about the amazing Black actresses in the cast. I didn't realize the impact the movie I had watched time and time again, would hit me so much differently; with what is happening in the world today.

Pushing play and returning to my stack of notepads, I began proofing. As I read, I was drawn to the scene in the movie where Rosaleen and Lily watched the News as the ‘Civil Rights Act’ was signed on July 2, 1964- making Black People EQUAL. The excitement Rosaleen had in a later scene as she and Lilly walked into town so Rosaleen could Register to VOTE.

The scene below was representative of a norm Black People dealt with, simply trying to Register to VOTE and just live. One that is way too close to racial tensions in 2020.

For the first time in my life, a Presidential Election is taking place that can literally reverse the work of my ForeMothers and ForeFathers. Lives lost, ones that fought relentlessly so that I can have the Right to Read, Write, Drink, VOTE and Sit wherever I want- without being beaten, spit on, jailed, or killed.

The Hate we see on the news, in our communities, on social media, in our neighborhoods, etc. And the Hate Black People are experiencing...unfortunately at levels that are showing unsettling similarities to our past. All of these things being demonstrated through actions (or lack thereof), by the current Administration.

This election is NOT about Democrat or Republican. It is about correcting the HATE that has reared its ugly head during the past four years. It's about rebuilding the respect America once had around the world. This election is also about ensuring 'Black Lives Matter'. To have impacts on Laws and Policies at EVERY level of government. It is also about understanding, that by supporting our current administration; you are supporting a timeframe for which Black People were not considered to be a Person.

As I VOTE during this 2020 Election, at every level. I will be doing so for every ancestor that fought for me to be Free & EQUAL!!

Remember to exercise your RIGHT to VOTE!! Questions about 2020's Election, go to Vote.Org.

Boss Up & VOTE!

~Dinky Rose


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