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Coming Soon: 'ConvoZ w/ Dinky Rose & Lady Brown'

When True Friendship turns into a Thing that could CHANGE the lives of other Women. Coming Soon, 'ConvoZ w/ Dinky Rose & Lady Brown'. Everyday Women chatting it up about Real Life ThingZ- Unfiltered, Fun, Encouraging, Thought Provoking.

Literally 'All ThingZ...'!

They are going to have ChatZ about their younger years. All the Juice & Dirt! LOL!! Y'all, All 'KindZ of ThingZ', from every Space they occupy.

ThingZ like:



Raising KidZ

Unconditionally Loving your Spouse


Christian Women

Truly embracing one's whole self


So much more...

Big ThingZ, Lil' ThingZ, All ThingZ... being Women, Wives, Mothers, Daughters, Sisters-Friends....

Dinky Rose & Lady Brown are so excited about this endeavor and are looking forward to sharing the Good, the Bad and all the NuggetZ in between!

In preparation for their for ConvoZ, let the Staff at 'All ThingZ Dinky Rose' know what you would like D. Rose & Lady B to Chat about? Send your info to , ATTN: ConvoZ.

Ever-Evolving w/ Intentionality in Every Space occupied. ~dinkyrose


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