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Beyond Black Friday Book Sale... It's Self-Care Season Always & In All Ways

Aesthetically pleasing as a Coffee Table piece. Sure to inspire any Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul Vibrationally Ready. Candid stories are shared as only Z.Lannette can. Actual intimate stories as she engages in life with the philosophy & mindset of ‘Being the first to put her 1st… In Always & in All ways.”

She’s Bold, Radical & Intentional. Living life on her terms… Intentional about positively impacting her Legacy… Instilling Self-Care Practices & Modalities. Focusing on Self… Healing at depths previously unbeknownst to her. Evolving as Woman, Wife, Mother & Daughter… ReleaZing, as Needed & Required… Even when it hurts…

From her first book, ‘How I Survived Quarantine 2020’ and her second book, Healing, Evolving & ReleaZing: Me, MySelf & I. Both Books are therapeutic AF… They will make you Laugh… Make you Ponder… Make you Cry…

Authentic, Funny, Heartfelt, Emotional… And Everything in between…. Always & In All Ways with Intention & Love.🤍🤍🤍

It's Self-Care Season Always & In All Ways… ~Z.Lannette

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Happy Holiday Season from Thomas Rose Consulting!


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