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Be Transformed...2021 Graduates Congratulations QueenZ



A Brand & LifeStyle Focused on Intentionality & Wellness.


Sharing 'All ThingZ' while Actively Engaging in a LifeStyle focused on

INTENTIONALITY & WELLNESS: Mind, Body, Spirit, & Soul.

As Woman, Wife, Mother/DukeZ, Daughter, Granddaughter, Niece, CouZin & More…



Congratulations to My Sister-Friends, Cohorts, Intentional Tribe & Fellow Be Transformed… Graduates. For Eight-Months we Dug Deep within OurSelves. Stayed committed to Our Individual & Collective Processes. Honored Boundaries. Learned & Practiced Communicative Approaches. Provided Feedback. Received Feedback. Challenged OurSelves & One Another, and so much more.

I am forever grateful for this Experience/Opportunity. I look forward to seeing Our Manifestations…

When We Work. It Works. Keep Trusting. ~Demarra West

Here’s to Our continued Transformation in Wellness & Business QueenZ.



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