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Trynity J. ShareZ...

You tried to cage and contain her 

Drain her of her worth 

Beat her down to nothing with your cold hearted words

Control & take her soul but she is resilient 

Bamboo to your storm

Bending but never breaking 

Now she is taking back her true form 

Her courage builds like a tsunami ready to lay waste to your city of empty promises 

Free and beautiful...

Your hungry night tried to devour her 

But she made a light darkness could not swallow

She then had to remind you of what happens when they try to undervalue her 

She awaken every dragon, and monster that’s sleeps inside her

She reminds them what hell looks like when it wears the skin of a fearless woman, 

she is free and beautiful 

She is madness and sanity 

She is hell, and paradise 

I forgive you ... because like chains shackling me to the past, I will no longer pollute my heart with your bitterness and fear. I want to forgive you because hate is just another way of holding on but damn I never thought that blood could run as thin as water with waves of mixed emotions evaporating as quickly as they come. I must mean nothing to you. But you love me.  Love means fake  Your love comes when it wants  It comes when people are watching  But u love me  Where were you when life was slipping from under my feet like  ice or socks on perfectly waxed floors where were you when that night replayed in my head over a million times..  I was hoping when I finally fell you would be there to catch me, but I never met someone so blind to the lousy character they have become your excuses are cowardly...

but you love me...

When I finally fell I picked myself back up just to get pinned back down with people that remind me of you. Where are you now.. I Hurt myself trying to find you in others, I didn’t know how to forgive myself.. until I forgave you. 

Written by Trynity J. Wafford

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