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Dinky Rose ChatZ Journaling... (Journaling)

My journal has been with me for years, and most definitely has helped me maintain my sanity; as well as many relationships. Humility is REAL! Journals SAVE!! My quick/hot temper could have ruined many relationships & ThingZ for a good portion of my life. I'm

Ever-Evolving #gentlereminder...LBVS! We're ALL Ever-Evolving!!!

Since middle school, when I wrote about the experience of when my Uncle Andy passing. It was titled 'Tender Love'. Mr. Garfield was the first person/Teacher to commend me for my writing. I'd perfectly articulated my every emotion. I was able to draw the the reader in and made them feel as though they were in my Grandparents home on Evers Pl. From that day forward writing has been a source of creativity, an outlet and in some instances my refuge.

Writing was and is 'A Safe Space'. Somewhere I'm able to express my words, my deepest emotions, feelings and so much more. When I'm upset about whatever is a bother, during my current Season; this is my Safe Space to let it flow!!

It is literally the one Space, I can share my emotions without judgment and/or consequences. It won't get offended. It won't cry. It won't talk back. It won't give advice. However, it does allow me to share varying emotions, feelings, bitchiness, Dreams, Goals, Admiration, Love. It walks me through decisions, allowing me to weigh Pros and Cons without bias; and completely process the matter at hand. One of the Greatest ThingZ about a Journal, is the ability to go back and read about yourself. It's a beautiful thing to see yourself Ever-Evolve with every turning page. If you don't have a Journal, pick one up or make your own with at home supplies and join me in the '30 Day Journaling Experience w/ Dinky Rose'. Go get your Journal so you can join me.

This opportunity will begin on Sunday, March 1st and go through Monday, March 30th. For those of you that are new to Journaling, or for those wanting Writing Prompts for Daily Journaling; I'll provide some throughout our experience. Join me for this very personal experience. If you have one laying around the house, use it!! It's about written expression at the onset, having a designated spot for 'All ThingZ...(insert your name)'. This will be a very personal experience. As you 'Ever-Evolve, so will your Journals! Happy Journaling! ~Dinky Rose

"When in the midst of it all, write it down. Words DO hurt, and you CAN'T take back the sting!!"

~A Dinky-ism



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