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Dinky Rose ShareZ: 'Mask On Please'

I continue to be amazed at the ignorance level of people choosing not to wear a Mask, even though they are REQUIRED! It's mind-blowing to seeing grown a.f. women having full-blown 'Terrible Twos' Tantrums because the Law of the Land is a “Mask is Required”.

Thank you to one of My FavZ, Stephen Colbert & Crew for providing an Amazing demonstration of the '1776'ers' and maybe a 'White & Privileged' or two. LBVS!

Stop Trippin' & 'Mask On Please'!!!

Masks are REQUIRED, get your 'All ThingZ Dinky Rose' Mask. Custom made by Heather at 'Custom Dope Apparel'

My Mom, Big Z rocking her 'ATDR' masks in Naples, Florida. "I love the fact that there is room for a filter and it's so lightweight. And I get so many compliments."

Alaina Hundley, my little Cousin rocking her mask on the way to the grocery store in Beverly Hills, MI. "Dink, it is so lightweight and easy to breath in. And it's super cute Cuzzo!"

Dinky Rose rocking an 'ATDR' mask!

Order yours today!!


Orders may be placed by emailing

As of June 18:

Michigan requires all residents to wear face coverings or masks in all public settings.

Businesses are allowed to deny entry to individuals not wearing face coverings.

Mask-On Please for yourself & those you are Socially Distancing around!

~Dinky Rose

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